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  • Computer Power User Article - Power Supply Appreciation
    components, there s rarely been a duckling as hideous as the power supply unit, but now, thanks to the emergence of at-home power computing and PC modding, PSUs aren t just en vogue; they re almost, well, beautiful. Your ultra-speed CPU is the heart of your computer, and a motherboard is your computer
  • Understanding AC/DC power supply efficiency - the hot topic
    The drive for smaller power supplies goes hand in hand with a need for greater efficiency. There's a direct relationship here because the smaller the power unit, the smaller the area available for dissipating heat through conduction and convection. Through both measurement and calculation, XP Power
  • Driving AC-DC power supply efficiency even higher
    power supply, or design one, by including a fan to provide forced air-cooling. You might save one-third. to one half of the total volume of a typical unit in this way. However, in the medical market the main disadvantage of this approach is. fan noise, which disturbs and irritates patients. Other
  • Factors That Affect Power Supply Reliability
    pattern discussed here, but to shortcomings in the design and in the application of the components, as well as external factors such as occasional voltage surges. These may be outside of the specification but no one will ever know as all that will be seen is a failed unit. Making the units rugged through
  • Confirming pressure of hydraulic unit on turntable
    Wireless power supply system improve turn table application!!
  • Computer Power User Article - High-End Power Supplies
    April 2006 Vol.6 Issue 4 Page(s) 18-21 in print issue Add To My Personal Library Mirror, Mirror On The Wall . . . Deep within their respective Web sites, ATI and Nvidia make specific power supply recommendations. If you elect to go with a Radeon X1900 CrossFire configuration, for example, you ll
  • Smart Computing Article - How To Install . . .Power Supplies
    in it is a device that turns alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC). The main job of a computer's power supply is to provide smooth and consistent DC voltage to the motherboard, central processing unit (CPU), and the various drives in the computer. A typical power supply will put out +5, -5
  • History of Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)
    I was having lunch with a customer that had been buying power supplies from me since the late 90's. We were talking about how power supply technology has advanced over the years notably in the area of efficiency and power density. In fact the first ever unit he designed in from XP Power was a 3 x 5
  • Computer Power User Article - Antec Phantom 350
    2004 CPU Special Issue Page(s) 175 in print issue Add To My Personal Library Given the extreme variance of designs and the need for a unit to compare against our SilverStone, we allowed Antec an extra review here. The all-black Phantom 350 is a fanless power supply with extruded aluminum
  • Wind Power Is Getting Too Good To Resist
    , it's getting too good to ignore. The map shows wind speeds for sites in the U.S. Areas with winds of 6 m/sec or greater have commercial possibilities. Mechanics work in a 1.5-MW Enron nacelle. This is one unit of six being erected offshore in Sweden. Electrical power generated by wind turbines accounts

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