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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
81.000.3010.0   Wieland Electric Inc. DC Power Supplies Power supply with overload protection and short circuit protection
750120 Power Supplies Replacement power supply unit for the electra elite 48 and 192 systems.
EP1366   XCEL Power Systems, Ltd. DC Power Supplies bull; Compact Design using SMT. • Fan Cooled. • Short Circuit Protection. • Over Voltage Protection. GENERAL SPECIFICATION. ¨ 115V 400Hz Single phase to BS3G100 & Mil-Sd-704A. ¨ Output 28VDC @ 15A. ¨ Input & Output EMC to Def-Stan-59-411. ¨ Efficiency >79%...

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  • Power supplies for the next generation of CompactPCI systems
    technologically. sophisticated than 19 " plug-in units. An ATX power supply has, for example, only one. converter, which is responsible for all the required voltages. It must supply all four voltages. 6/9. White Paper – Power supplies for the next generation of CompactPCI systems. and at the same
  • Computer Power User Article - Power Supply Appreciation
    components, there s rarely been a duckling as hideous as the power supply unit, but now, thanks to the emergence of at-home power computing and PC modding, PSUs aren t just en vogue; they re almost, well, beautiful. Your ultra-speed CPU is the heart of your computer, and a motherboard is your computer
  • The Top Five Requirements That Define "Quality Power" in the Eyes of the Power Supplies in Your IT Systems (.pdf)
    of view of the. “end-user”— that is, the power supply unit (PSU) inside the IT equipment. What does the power supply. do, what does it need to do its job, and how does this influence UPS selection?. What does a power supply unit do?. The UPS supplies power via power distribution units (PDUs) to a PSU
  • Power Supplies in Medical Electronics
    . •. Leakage Current Considerations. •. Case Study: A Power Supply for a Ventilator. •. Summary. Introduction. There can be few more critical applications for power supplies in electronic equipment than in the field of medical electronics. Medical equipment will. often have lives
  • The Ever Shrinking Power Supply
    Changes in power supply design are rarely revolutionary. Rather, they are evolutionary and dependent upon a host of component and manufacturing technologies that, for the most part, develop at a modest pace. Moore's law simply doesn't apply to power supply design; if it did, a 200 W switcher
  • No Load Power Consumption and Efficiency of External Power Supplies
    the power taken by an external power supply are continuity of the energy supply and reduction of environmental impacts. Targets are given for external supplies because there are an enormous quantity sold each year, they normally do not have an off button and they are very commonly left plugged
  • Power Supply Technical Guide (.pdf)
    supplies have significantly different performance and reliability characteristics?. The answers to these and many more questions can be found in this, the third edition of XP's Power Supply Technical Guide, the culmination of many, many years experience gained by the XP Power applications team spread
  • Parallel Operation of UltraVolt HV Power Supplies
    , the two power supplies should behave as a single power supply at nearly twice the current capacity. There are two ways we can accomplish this: one way is with standard UltraVolt power supplies; the second is using the I5 or I10 option. Fig. 2 shows a technique using standard units while Fig. 3 shows