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Parts by Number for Power Surge Suppression Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SP472A-R3 ASAP Semiconductor BLACKBOX Not Provided 20-Amp Rackmount Power Strip with Surge Suppression, with On/Off
04750372151-1 Carlton-Bates Company ACME ELECTRIC Portable Units Single Phase Line Conditioning/Surge Suppression 95-132V 60 Hz

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  • Transient Surges and Surge Suppressor Technologies: Comparing Apples to Oranges and Other Notes
    . The surge suppression industry has adopted IEEE Power Engineering Society's IEEE C62.41-2002 document, titled IEEE RECOMMENDED PRACTICE ON SURGE VOLTAGES IN LOW-VOLTAGE AC POWER CIRCUITS, as the standard for categorizing transients and the associated waveforms used to test suppressor efficacy
  • Suppression of Transients in an Automotive Environment (.pdf)
    This application note discusses suppression of transients in the automotive environment. The circuit designer must ensure reliable circuit operation in this severe transient environment. The transients on the automobile power supply range from the severe, high energy, transients generated
  • Role of IEE Surge Standards (.pdf)
    describes surges in low voltage AC power circuits (120V RMS through 1000. V RMS) and provides a set of representative surge waveforms. This document is full of. practical information. It describes typical surge environments based on location within the. building, power line impedance to the surge
  • ESD Suppression Technologies (.pdf)
    also protect. MLV’s are the most robust of the ESD. rendered useless due to interaction with. against system generated transients such as. suppression technologies and can be used. the user. Obviously this represents an issue. EFT’s (Electrical Fast Transients) and surges. (switching transients
  • Transient Suppression Devices & Principles (.pdf)
    transient rise. The second is that a power. current from the voltage source will follow the surge. 3000. 1 = -------- 51.7. =. A and V. = 8 × 51.7 = 414V. R. discharge (called “follow-current” or “power-follow”). In AC. 50 + 8. circuits, this power-follow current may not be cleared at a. The maximum voltage
  • UL 1449 Rated Surge Protection
    suppression devices be marked with the surge let-through voltage for a specific UL test. By assigning a UL voltage rating for a particular mode (i.e. N-G), it can be inferred that this mode is protected against surges. For the three-wire, single-phase branch circuit commonly used in the U.S. and Canada
  • AC Line Voltage Transients and Their Suppression (.pdf)
    APPLICATION. NOTES. AC Line Voltage Transients and Their. Suppression. Introduction. amplitude, duration and energy content. tor system. As a result, not only are the. The increasing usage of sensitive solid state. Data collected from many independent. surges oscillatory but surges may have
  • Whitepaper: Green Power Quality
    Range. Input Voltage. KVA and Size. Line Isolation. Load. Load Power Factor and Power Factor Limitation. Minimum Load. Noise Attenuation. Operating Frequency. Output Regulation. Phase. Response Time. Ride Through. Snubber. Surge Suppression. Technology. Conditioning Technology & Terms. Applying A Power