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  • Wired 8.01: As the MEMS Revolution Takes Off, Small Is Getting Bigger Every Day
    As the MEMS Revolution Takes Off, Small Is Getting Bigger Every Day Gnat-sized robots, microscopic gyroscopes, television beamed directly onto your retina. This may sound like a grocery list for a crazed sci-fi visionary. But all these projects are in the works today, thanks to an emerging chip
  • Logistics and Capability Implications of a Bradley Fighting Vehicle with a Fuel Cell Auxiliary Power Unit (.pdf)
    injector hardware change. watch would be possible. The benefits of using a fuel. A single, 28V, 400A permanent-magnet direct current. cell APU in this scenario could be fuel savings, acoustic. (DC) generator is driven by a power take off (PTO). and thermal signature reduction, and a much longer
  • True vs. Apparent Power
    on power. sources, including the APT series. For example, the APT 6010 is a 1000VA unit. That. VA quantity refers to the apparent power. Fig. 9: Black Box Example. Take a look at the image in Fig. 9. This is a black box example. There are three parts to. this diagram: the input, the system
  • The Ever Shrinking Power Supply
    the size of a thumbnail would have arrived some time ago. However, even marginally improved versions of some critical components can have a dramatic affect on power supply size. In this article we take a look at the technologies that impact the design of 50 W to 200 W AC/DC switchers and the contribution
  • Power Supply Designers Turn to Magnetics Designers for Solutions
    a power supply design to search for an off-the-shelf solution in the form of a reference design. However, a recent Google search of the term "power supply reference design" returned an astonishing 20,900,000 citations!. For many faced with the need to complete the power supply design function, the basic
  • SCP-X Extreme Environment Power Supply (.pdf)
    as machines employ. large. Size historically wasn’t a problem when a machine. more intelligent I/O devices. This is especially true in. had plenty of space in its' working envelope, or if I/O. manufacturing environments where water, dust, oils and. cabling to and from an off-machine enclosure wasn’t
  • Accurate Power Measurements Using Spectrum Analyzers (.pdf)
    samples taken at the dis-. Power difference. Correction factor. play points (different from the normal spectrum analyzer mode. -3.0. -3.02. where "Peak Pos " is normally used). -3.5. -2.57. Every sample must be statistically independent therefore the. -4.0. -2.2. video filter must be switched off (or set
  • Putting the Data into Power Supply Data Sheets (.pdf)
    specified in the data sheet however there is more to this than a simple maximum value. In lower power, lower cost products the inrush limiting is typical y via a simple NTC thermistor which wil provide protection from a. “cold start” but may take a minute or more to return to its initial value fol owing
  • Buck Configuration High-Power LED Driver
    . The driver presented in this application note is. FLOW. designed to take advantage of the DC component of a. continuous inductor current design. See Figure 3 for. LED. Over shoot. the block diagram of the driver. Notice that the circuit is. Current. AC. very similar to the buck topology switching power
  • AN111 Current Modules Measure Power Factor
    of a facility can be represented by its. Figure 4 illustrates a scheme whereby one can make three. “power triangle”. Figure 3 shows some typical power. AC current measurements with standard off-the-shelf AC. triangle examples. The accepted convention plots the total. current transformers (CTs) and Dataforth’s

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