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  • Computer Power User Article - A Bluetooth Bonanza
    Blue HS-700 Headset; $169; Anycom; Even if you don't own one, you know about hands-free car kits. An incoming call hits your cell phone, and you use an external microphone and speakers, eliminating discomfort from a headset or any reason to take your eyes off the road. Anycom does an admirable job
  • Leland Teschler s Editorial: Not Enough Juice: Reality and Alternative Energy
    and one-time MIT associate professor, has figured this out. He calculates that meeting New York City's total energy demand would take about 13,000 wind turbines the size of the Siemens units going into North Dakota, all spinning at top speed. And to meet the Big Apple's peak energy demands, you'd need about
  • Summer grilling made fast and easy
    take a long time to warm up and, because they only supply about as much heat as a hair dryer, usually don't get hot enough to grill meat properly. The new patented electric grill, however, gives off 3,600 W of heat -- twice the heat produced by conventional electric grills. It uses an 1,800-W
  • The right priorities
    Improved real-time operating systems run multiple safety-critical applications with different priority levels off one processor. Whether an embedded system is a handheld Internet device, a telephone switch, or a complex aircraft control setup, the real-time operating system (RTOS) running it must
  • Sustainable Engineering: Brouhaha Brewing Over Energy Star Ratings
    claims to use 547 kW-hr per year, but in tests consumed more than double that amount, apparently because the Energy Star protocol allows the ice maker to be turned off during testing, resulting in the ice melting. believes this condition is unrealistic. says part of the problem is that it usually takes
  • Airbus builds a Military Airlifter
    A new, multirole transporter will replace aging heavylift aircraft in military fleets. The A400 military transport plane from Airbus will have four 11,000-shp turboprops, giving it enough power to take off from short, rough landing fields (under 3,000 ft), and still carry a 20-ton payload
  • Understanding Electronic Motor Drives
    . Alternating positive and negative switches recreates the three-phase output. The longer the power device remains on, the higher the output voltage. The longer it is off, the lower the output frequency. The drive output is not an exact replica of the ac input sine waveform. Instead, it provides constant
  • Fuel-cell APUs: A Step Toward All-Electric Cars
    Run your car's air conditioner with the engine off? No problem. Delphi's 5-kW solid-oxide fuel-cell auxiliary power unit SOFCs make electricity from fuel and oxidant gases in an electrochemical process that takes place across an ion-conducting, ceramic membrane. Reformed fuel (reformate) feeds

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