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  • Thermal Stability and Performance Data for Sm-Co 2:17 High-Temperature Magnets on PPM Focusing Structures
    Cobalt. Samarium Cobalt - UHT. Neodymium Iron Boron. Magnet Assemblies. Magnetic Design. Magnetics Design. FEA Analysis. Magnetic Testing. Contract Research. Applications. Traveling Wave Tubes, Klystrons, Magnetrons. Circulators and Isolators. Accelerometers and Gyroscopes. Motors, Generators
  • On-line Analysis of Organics In Water (.pdf)
    decreases and the water. - interference which makes the test inaccurate,. becomes putrid. - restricted measurement ranges (i.e. ranges lower than. No oxygen remains until the biologic matter collapses. 20 ppm and higher than 1000 ppm are out of the ques-. tion). Organic matter is naturally present
  • Comparing Oil in Water Analysis Methods
    " (section 17.0) that for a 100 ppm sample the acceptable range is. 78 -114 ppm. If the test includes the silica gel treatment (SGT) to remove the polar. organics, the acceptable range is 64 – 132 ppm. Therefore, if the result from a. laboratory for a silica gel treated sample is 65 ppm and the alternate
  • Continuous, On-Line NIR Analysis of Process Gasses
    . They represent ppm concentrations at low pressures taken in a 25 cm fiber optic cell. In some cases, such as identification of gasses in incoming railroad tank cars at plant sites, we use various peak ratios and output unique (4, 6, 8 mA) analog signals that represent the identified gas. 3040_GasMeasure
  • Quantitative Analysis of Antimony (Sb) in Plastics by EDXRF
    of this analysis is also presented here. 1.5. n Samples. 1.0. (2). Sb standard plastic produced by Sumika Chemical. Measurement Intensity Ratio. Analysis Service (4 levels) PE-1E4. 0.5. Accuracy: 0.8 ppm. Detection Limit: 9.8 ppm. sample Sb Content [ppm]. (1). 0.0. (1). 0. 0.0. 200.0. 400.0. 600.0. 800.0
  • ICP Analysis of Additive Elements in Lubricating Oil
    . samples were prepared by appropriately diluting the. of 3 hours. An RSD (relative standard deviation) of 1 %. SPEX oil base multi-element mixture of 21elements. or less was obtained for each element. The plasma. (900 ppm, 500 ppm) and the CONOSTAN oil base. torch utilized in Shimadzu's ICP emission
  • * Copper Concentrate Analysis by Pressed Powder Method
    . Calibration curves corrected by scattering X-ray as. Spectral chart adjacent to scattering X-rays of target. internal standard. element for sample including molybdenum. 2. XRF 5041. Table 2 10 time repeat measurement. Table 3 Result of SQX analysis. unit : mass%, * ppm,. unit : mass%. XRF. Component
  • Silver Analysis in Water
    Analysis of silver in water to the range of 0.1 ppm silver may be performed utilizing the following procedure. The sample solution should be free of mercury. Collect the sample within eight hours of analysis. Store in dark polyethylene bottle and take care to not allow insode of cap or bottle