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  • Continuous Monitoring of Sulfur Dioxide with a Gas Permeation Denuder-Based System
    ...gas-perme- able membrane of poly(vinylidene) difluoride and two perspex blocks with engraved channels of mirror... The procedure is hardly interfered with by coexisting metal and non-metal species, except for hydrogen sulfide... Methods for determining some gas- eous pollutants at parts per trillion ( ppt , v=v) levels have been...
  • JAMA Network | JAMA Ophthalmology | Perish, Then Publish:  Thomas Harriot and the Sine Law of Refraction
    View Large  |  Save Figure  |  Download Slide (. ppt )  |  View in Article Context In 1590, an English version was published, which included engravings made from John White's paintings. ...ore, but we can assume what a disappointment the meager amount of precious metal is—some copper plates...
  • JAMA Network | JAMA Surgery | Frank Waxham and Charles Truax's Intubation of the Larynx
    In the mid-1880s, he developed a set of metal intubation tubes that were graduated in size... The various engravings in Intubation of the Larynx, including this one showing the "proper position of patient... View Large  |  Save Figure  |  Download Slide (. ppt )  |  View in Article Context .
  • Analytical Chemistry Laboratory (ACL) procedure compendium. Volume 5, Radiochemistry analyses
    4.16 Dissolve red ppt with a minimum of conc HNO3 and quantitatively transfer to a 50... 4.22 Remove disk cover from a 7/8" polished metal plating disk which has the sample i.d. engraved on the back.
    ...fitting maybe achieved by using an integral ferrule that locks onto a groove engraved onto the exterior... These valves should not have any external metal parts that can corrode or represent a safety hazard... ...maintain low particle contamination and metal and organic extractable elements to ppb or ppt (parts per billion...
  • Nuremberg 2007
    And in the cases in that set engraving late consequences it aims that at Betroffenen and at... ...high risk for of developmental disorders ar often referred to paediatric physiotherapy at early of ( PPT ) age. ...a funnel mobilization through parasternale Rippenchondrotomien and reaches retrosternaler Dissektion through a transsternales metal -implant that becomes...
  • Bookshelf and Unified Agenda > Independent Agencies / Commissions > Nuclear Regulatory Commission > NUREG Series Publications > NUREG-1556 - Consolidated Guida...
    1556-001. ppt 033104 ...g., Teflon can break down when subjected to radiation and cause a corrosive environment for certain metals ). The preferred method of labeling sealed sources is engraving or laser etching the information.
  • Kompendium of the medium configuration
    PPT ...the word "burns" the binary information pattern as increases (country) and recesses (Pit) in a metal layer. ...printing form is directly exposed of the data stock with ausgeschossenen arc data or engraved in gravure.
  • Engineering Education and Management
    ...a) students teams report practice results of doing after school, as form of PPT and in-kind... Due to the course content was mainly involved punching metal sheet, finally, the auto parts company was... University culture can affect many students, and engraved in the memories.
  • Crossing the Boundaries: Overlaps of Intellectual Property Rights
    ...DG Infosoc, Brussels, 6 April 2005) at slide 6, online: EC . See also: Remington Rand Ltd v. Transworld Metal Co., (1960), 32 C.P.R. 99, [1960] Ex. In this case the plaintiff was a famous manufacturer of watches that were engraved underside with a...
  • Tactical medicine
    Brookside Associates. of OperationalMedicine / DATA / operationalmed / manual / MEDOPSBOOKFEB01.ppt [13] Beekley, A.C. (2007) measure Casualties in Combat-Lessons Learned. ...Forces Tactical Tourniquet assess The SOFTT Special (SOFTT) over toggles and buckle of metal , so that a... ...räum- liche(Abstandbzw.geschützteBereiche)Komponente to play a deciding role and as to influence engraving health care.

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