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  • Mechanical Control Cables-Image
    Mechanical Control Cables - (66 companies)
    Mechanical control cables provide a push-pull or other action to mechanically actuate components. Mechanical control cables consist of mechanical cable with attached eyes, forks, studs, handles or other fittings. Mechanical control cables provide...
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    Linear Solenoids - (138 companies)
    How to Select Linear Solenoids. Linear solenoids convert electrical energy into mechanical power via a plunger with an axial stroke in either a push or pull action. These transducers consist of a coil of wire, sometimes wrapped around an iron core...
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  • Steam Traps-Image
    Steam Traps - (245 companies)
    Steam traps are automatic valves that release condensate from a steam space while preventing the loss of live steam. They also remove air and noncondensables from the steam space. Steam Traps Information. Steam traps are automatic valves...
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  • Strain Reliefs-Image
    Strain Reliefs - (219 companies)
    Strain reliefs protect the lifeline of electrical products by absorbing the forces of push and pull that may be exerted on the flexible wires, cables, or tubing. They are manufactured in a variety of sizes and shapes, and using various materials...
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  • Machining Clamps-Image
    Machining Clamps - (226 companies)
    Machining clamps are used for machine setup and tool or part fixturing. Types include cam, cylinder, hook or swing, pull, push, retracting, rocker, side or edge, and toe clamps. Clamp straps and clamp strap assemblies are also commonly available...
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    Ion Exchange Resins - (61 companies)
    Ion exchange resins are typically porous, cross-linked polystyrene beads that trap ions (iron, manganese, etc.) in a solution, usually water, while releasing (or exchanging) other ions (sodium, etc.). They are used to reduce water hardness. How...
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    Chucks - (418 companies)
    Chucks are attachments used to hold a workpiece or cutting tool on a machine tool. This product area covers a variety of chuck types, including: core, diaphragm, draw bar, electrostatic, gear, grinding, lathe, milling, pull down, roll, safety...
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    Slip Sheets - (17 companies)
    ...of handling (push-pull) device. Frequency of use. Environmental conditions. With these factors in mind, the slip sheet product can be selected based on its material type, size, and features. Materials. Slip sheets can be made of a number of different...
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    Handles and Pulls (industrial) - (457 companies)
    Industrial handles and industrial pulls are hardware components that are grasped by hand and manipulated to perform a service. Industrial handles and industrial pulls are hardware components that are grasped by hand and manipulated to perform...
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    Cold Traps - (9 companies)
    Cold traps are laboratory glassware that condense vapors (except permanent gases) into a liquid or solid. Cold traps protect vacuum pumps from contamination by sublimating or condensing vapors (except permanent gases) in a dedicated device...
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  • TrapCam: an inexpensive camera system for studying deep‐water animals
    We retrieved the strings using an electric anchor puller . We counted the number of individuals of each species caught in the traps , identified to the lowest … To compare the number of prawns caught in traps with and without cameras, we performed a nested …
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    … 'pouter'),(102911,'pouter pigeon'),(102912,'pouteria'),(102913,'pouteria campechiana nervosa'),(102914,'pouteria zapota'),(102915,'poutingly'),(102916,'poverty'),(102917,'poverty grass'),(102918,'poverty level'),(102919,'poverty line'),(102920,'poverty trap '),(102921,'poverty-stricken' … … 103150,'praunus'),(103151,' prawn '),(103152,'praxis'),(103153 … … 105710,'pull-off'),(105711,'pull-through'),(105712,'pull-up'),(105713,'pullback'),(105714,' puller '),(105715,'pullet' …
  • Poverty Mosaics: Realities and Prospects in Small-Scale Fisheries
    The few existing alternate job opportunities (e.g., day labor, van puller ) return less income than fishing. The lack of alternative skills keeps fishers trapped in resource dependency. Hilsha, shrimp or prawn larvae) .
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    … as if with salt; "the rebels had salted the fields with mines and traps ")} { [ splash2, noun … … frames: 2,22 (pick or gather mushrooms; "We went mushrooming in the Fall") } { [ prawn , noun.animal:prawn … … 11 (press firmly; "He squeezed my hand")} { [ pull, noun.act:pull,+ noun.person: puller ,+ noun.act:pulling …
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  • Canadian Highly Migratory Species Foundation (CHMSF) British Columbia albacore tuna North Pacific —
    ▪ Australia Northern prawn ▪ Sakhalin Island Northeast trap net pink salmon … upon striking the jig, are retrieved immediately with a hydraulic gurdy or line- puller , or by hand …
  • By-catch Reduction in the World’s Fisheries
    Ball et al. (1999) and Ball et al. (2003) also tested a prawn trawl using rollers on … Gillnets, cast nets, trawls and traps also are consid- ered appropriate gear for recreational fishing in some … … deck position for setting, selection of main line shooter hinges and hydraulics, line pullers , motor and mounting …
  • Dictionary of the biology of Dictionary of Biology
    … retort retort retractile retractable, retractable retractor muscle retractor muscle, retractor, climb-downs, back drawing muscle, rearwardly pullers shredder (large-particle detritivore) bucker shrimps (small)/prawns (large) shrimps … offered suction padding / suctory padding Suck sucking suctorial sucking case the swallow trap . suctorial organ / …

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