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  • Bearing Pullers and Tools-Image
    Bearing Pullers and Tools - (59 companies)
    ...pullers and tools are designed for use with blind holes that are reamed, drilled, or milled to a specific depth but not completely drilled-through. They are also suitable for applications in which a puller cannot be inserted underneath the bearing... Learn More
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    Packing Hooks and Extractors - (31 companies)
    Packing hooks, also referred to as packing pullers, are tools used to extract used packing material from pumps and valves. There are several different styles of packing hooks and pullers, including flexible tools that have a flexible shaft... Learn More
  • Steam Traps-Image
    Steam Traps - (247 companies)
    ...temperatures created by the condensate and noncondensable gases in the trap. The operating unit within the trap, a pressure-balanced disc or bellows, is filled with a liquid having a saturation temperature slightly below that of water. Bimetallic traps... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Cold Traps - (8 companies)
    Cold Traps are laboratory glassware apparatus that condense all vapors except permanent gases into liquid or solid. Cold traps are devices meant to protect vacuum pumps from contamination by condensing harmful vapors into a liquid or solid. The trap... Learn More
  • Vacuum Traps, Getters, and Filters-Image
    Vacuum Traps, Getters, and Filters - (80 companies)
    ...tramp gases with a cooled surface, molecular sieve, filtration, or other processes. There are many types of vacuum traps and filters. Examples include the vacuum cold trap, liquid nitrogen cold trap, vacuum inlet trap (VIT), molecular sieve trap... Learn More
  • Ion Exchange Resins - (55 companies)
    Ion exchange resins are typically porous, cross-linked polystyrene beads that trap ions (iron, manganese, etc.) in a solution, usually water, while releasing (or exchanging) other ions (sodium, etc.). They are used to reduce water hardness. How... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Roof Hatches and Floor Hatches - (72 companies)
    Roof and floor hatches allow access through a building 's roof or floor. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Pest Control Products and Equipment - (55 companies)
    Pest control products and equipment are used to repel, remove or eradicate unwanted animals and insects. They use mechanical, electrical, chemical, and ultrasonic methods and are designed typically to combat specific types of vermin. Learn More
  • Drain Valves - (172 companies)
    Drain valves are designed to automatically remove liquids from process lines as necessary. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Autosamplers - (149 companies)
    Autosamplers are automated sample loaders, usually robotic, used with chromatography and other analytical technologies. Search by Specification | Learn More
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Eletric crab trap , prawn trap and shrimp trap retriever,...
A hands-free crab trap and prawn pot puller to bring all those crabs, prawns and shrimp to your boat, effortlessly.

Bait - Crab & Shrimp Gear - Commercial | Redden Marine...


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