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    Line-shaft Spools - (7 companies)
    Line-shaft spools are mounted to the drive shaft of a line-shaft conveyor. A belt transmits power from the spool to drive individual conveyor rollers. Line-shaft spools are mounted to a shaft (line-shaft) on conveyors referred to as line... Learn More
  • V-Belts and V-Ribbed Belts-Image
    V-Belts and V-Ribbed Belts - (377 companies)
    V-belts and V-ribbed belts are reinforced. Typically, the reinforcement takes the form of cords or bands running circumferentially along the belt near the top or at the pitch line. V-belts and V-ribbed belts that are made of fiberglass, polyester... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Conveyor Belts-Image
    Conveyor Belts - (511 companies)
    Conveyor belts are used in a wide variety of material transport applications such as manufacturing, food processing, and heavy industry. Belt construction and belt materials are often application-specific. Image credit: Belt Corp. of America Image... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Line Drivers-Image
    Line Drivers - (18 companies)
    Image Credit: Avago Technologies | 1-Source Electronic Components | Patton Electronics Co. Line drivers extend the transmission distance between terminals or computers connected along private lines or networks. They improve connectivity across local... Learn More
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    Trace Line Heaters - (49 companies)
    How to Select Trace Line Heaters. Image Credit: Thermon Manufacturing Co. | Tyco Thermal Controls. Trace line heaters are flexible, insulated cables that are heated with electricity or re-circulated fluids. They are used to prevent liquids in pipes... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Round Belt Pulleys - (64 companies)
    ...groove; dual-groove pulley. Images credits: Durabelt; Harsiddhi; Durabelt. Line. The line is the physical linkage which exerts force around a pulley's axle. Round belts and o-ring belts are explicitly meant to cooperate with round belt pulleys... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Flat Belts - (214 companies)
    Flat belts are used in transmission and conveying systems. They feature transmission efficiency, cost effectiveness and ease of installation and use. Typical belt applications include conveyors, machine tools, and heavy industrial equipment. Flat... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Flat Belt Pulleys - (85 companies)
    Flat belt pulleys are used in transmission systems that are driven by flat belts. Flat belt pulleys are used in transmission systems that are driven by flat belts, typically high-speed, low-power applications in textiles, paper making, and office... Learn More
  • Round Belts and O-ring Belts - (77 companies)
    ...are also called endless drive belts or endless round belts. Image credit: Dura-Belt, Inc. | Misumi | Gates Corporation. Round belts are solid or hollow lengths of cylindrical material. They maintain contact with belt pulleys using friction and must... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Line/Load Reactors - (35 companies)
    Line and load reactors are current-limiting, inductive devices used to remove distortion and filter power. Description. Line and load reactors, also known as line chokes, are current-limiting, inductive devices used to remove distortion and filter... Search by Specification | Learn More
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  • Retinoblastoma gene family expression in lymphoid tissues, 1998).

    Burkitt's lymphoma (BL) is an Epstein–Barr virus-associated malignancy, with endemic BL (eBL) occurring among children in the malaria belt of equatorial Africa and... ...areas, also among adults. pRb /p105 in BL is... ...pRb-related protein pRb2/p130 is mutated in its nuclear localization signal in BL lines and primary tumours...

  • Stock introduces Next Generation in Gravimetric Feeding
    ...release of the Multidos® HPG Feeder, the next generation in Stock Equipment's long line of feeder models. ...requirements of traditional feeder users, but also incorporates standard features necessary for feeding PRB coal and alternative... ...bottom of the feeder, a tension roll and active tracking station to maintain belt alignment, and rounded...
  • Original method to compute epipoles using variable homography: application to measure emergent fibers on textile fabrics
    ...we simulate the accuracy of the measure- ment when a bad match occurs between PLB and PRB . ...presence of eventual vibrations, which may occur during the scroll of the fabric on the conveyor belt . Even if the correlation is known to be precise, the laser line causes some saturated areas, and...
  • Encoal mild coal gasification project: Final design modifications report gathering equipment furnished by GAMMA-METNCSwould fail before the plant could be brought back on line . In retrospect, this should be included with any PRB storage unit to handle hot coal or avoid... A dribble chute was also added on the plant feed belt to catch spillage.
  • The Loudest Event Statistic: General Formulation, Properties and Applications
    ...has been supported in part by NSF grants PHY-0200852 and PHY- 0701817; PRB is grateful to... We briefly summarize the Neyman approach to construct- ing confidence belts : For each fixed value of µ... ...a loudest event value of x in the interval given by the solid line bounded by open...
  • 01.03.07 — Feature Article: EPA Issues Final Rule On Oil Spill Prevention, Control, And Countermeasures
    PRB Energy Purchases Properties From Western Gas Resources, Lance Oil And Gas USFilter thickeners, belt and filter presses, centrifuges, and drying filter presses have demonstrated proven performance in thousands... Vaisala MM70, a Hand-held Moisture and Temperature Meter for In- Line , Spot-Checking Oil.
    Coal samples should be taken from the weigh belt feeders; some help from AEP will be required... Can we build a manual valve array (heated) to vent the other lines to the atmosphere while... We determined that we could not get the plant to run 100% PRB because that would mean...
  • Mercury Specie and Multi-Pollutant Control
    18 Figure 4: PCT PRB Blend, Unit Load >880 MW, 1/21/09-6/25/10 ....................................................................... 26 Figure 6: Sabia On- Belt Coal Analyzer................................................................................................................. 42 Figure 16: Total Mercury at the FGD Inlet (solid blue line ) and other variables of interest...
  • Shopping In Batteries, Chargers & Power Adapters - Big Bruin
    Bescor PRB15XLRNC - PRB -15XLRNC Starved Electrolyte (Lead Acid) Battery Belt (12v, 14.4 amp hours) Cigarette and 4-Pin XLR Connectors, without Charger Please check the individual merchants for more information about this product. ...does not pass our benchmark testing for superior performance, it will be eliminated from the production line .
  • Virus manipulation of cell cycle
    ...arrest is typical of many virus evasion strategies is in fact a “ belt and braces�? approach. The interaction of E7 with pRB , being analogous to Cdk-mediated phosphor- ylation, results in release of... ...functional activity of cyclin D, thereby facilitating the G1–S transition in EBV-transformed lympho- blastoid cell lines .
  • Selection of permeable reactive barrier materials for treating acidic groundwater in acid sulphate soil terrains based on laboratory column tests
    ...Sullivan AB (2003) Preferential flow path development and its influence on long-term PRB performance: column study. low-sulfate, acidic fens reveal cooccurrence of recognized genera and novel lineages . ...toxic elements in mine residues derived from mining activities in the Iberian Pyrite Belt (SW Spain): laboratory...

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