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    Roof Curbs - (45 companies)
    ...different types of products. Choices include metal roof curbs, flat curbs, pipe curbs, pitch curbs, and skylight curbs. Curb adapters and expansion joint roof curbs are also available. Metal roof curbs may be installed under or atop a building 's roof... Learn More
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    Roof Coatings - (104 companies)
    Roof coatings are waterproof, protective layers used in environments where wind, rain, snow and other precipitation can damage a building 's roof. Typical applications include warehouses, chemical plants, manufacturing facilities, and commercial... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Roof Hatches and Floor Hatches - (72 companies)
    ...that personnel can maintain or replace equipment. A roof hatch consists of a heavy-duty cover, locking handle and inside handle, gasket and insulation, inner liner, hold-open arm, compression spring, hinges, and a curb cab. Roof hatch covers are made of aluminum... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Roof Vents and Ventilators - (42 companies)
    Roof vents and ventilators are devices used to exhaust unwanted humidity or heat from below a building's roof. Roof vents and ventilators are devices meant to exhaust superfluous heat and humidty from the building or structure below. Circulating... Learn More
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    Roof Supports (mining) - (15 companies)
    Roof supports provide a means of temporary supporting overburden in longwall mining operations. Also referred to as powered roof supports or hydraulic chocks or shields, they are used in sets to stabilize and advance longwall systems across the face... Learn More
  • Roof and Floor Trusses - (198 companies)
    Roof and Floor Trusses Information. Roof trusses and floor trusses are support structures that consist of one or more triangular units that are made with straight, slender members and connected at the ends as joints. Roof trusses are used for roof... Learn More
  • Valve Boxes and Curb Boxes - (37 companies)
    Valve Boxes and Curb Boxes Information. Valve boxes and curb boxes are underground devices that protect valves within water, wastewater and gas utility lines. They also permit access for valve operation. Valve boxes and curb boxes telescope outwards... Learn More
  • Modular and Prefabricated Bridges - (39 companies)
    Modular and prefabricated bridges are traffic spans that are constructed in sections on or off-location before being installation. These bridges can be used on a temporary basis or designed for permanent use. Modular and prefabricated bridges... Learn More
  • Stairs and Stairways - (509 companies)
    Stairs and Stairways Information. Stairs and stairways include all types of complete, pre-fabricated stair systems and staircases. Components include stair treads and nosing, ballusters, handrails, and newels. Stairs and stairways may be designed... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Flashing (weatherproofing) - (24 companies)
    Flashing (weatherproofing) is a product used to provide a weatherproof seal around penetrations in a building's roof or walls. It is typically used around chimneys, pipes, or edges on roofs; interruptions in a wall; or around window or door sills... Learn More
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? Slopes to drain should be unobstructed by above-roof building elements, equipment curbs, or similar objects.

Roof Curb - Model RC-24 Product Data Sheet Pre-fabricated roof...
Roof Curb - Model RC-24 Product Data Sheet Pre-fabricated roof curbs for fast and easy professional installation All-Aluminum, Pre-manufactured

Energy Star Building Upgrade Manual Facility Type:...
Meetings include open discussions, staff presentations, formal training, and vendor pre- sentations.
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CFM - UBVL Belt Drive Upblast Roof Ventilators - Low...
Pre-fabricated roof curbs Hot dipped galvanized construction Home > Industrial Fans & Blowers > Roof Ventilators
See Continental Fan Manufacturing, Inc. Information

PREFORMED ROOF/ WALL PANELS PART 1 ? GENERAL 1.1 DESCRIPTION OF WORK A. This section covers the pre-finished, pre-fabricated exposed fastener metal
See Alcoa, Inc. Information

The University of Arizona Manual of Design and Specification...

AEC Daily
Home > Masterformat 2004 Listings > 07 - Thermal and Moisture Protection > 07 40 00 - ROOFING AND SIDING PANELS > ROOF HUGGER, Inc.

ROOF VENTILATORS UPBLAST ROOF VENTILATORS ? Low silhouette & standard upblast designs ? Heavy duty welded steel base ? Galvanized damper section ?

Chart 3.2 Performance and Descriptive Specifications For Element B3010, Roof Coverings

concrete over 1 1/2" x 20 MEP Engineers: gauge VLR composite deck) and roof deck (4" normal weight 4000psi H.CYU Engineers concrete over 1 1/2" x 22
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