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  • Bridge Circuits
    In control applications, operational power supplies are alternatives to other sources, ranging from simple SCR bridges used in electric drills to elaborate servoamps. The benefits of operational power supplies in these situations are high precision and moderate cost. The easiest way to understand
  • Using a Digital Potentiometer to Optimize a Precision Single Supply Photo Detect
    Photodiodes bridge the gap between light and electronics. Many times precision applications such as CT scanners, blood analyzers, smoke detectors, position sensors, IR pyrometers and chromatographs utilize the basic transimpedance amplifier circuit that transforms light energy into a usable
  • Load Cell Application - Suspension Bridge
    Cell | Compression Load Cell | Custom Load Cell | Donut Load Cell | High Capacity Load Cell | Low Capacity Load Cell | Miniature Load Cell | Pancake Load Cell | Precision Load Cell | Pressure Sensor | Reaction Torque Sensor | Rotary Torque Sensor | S Beam Load Cell
  • Fractals--A Bridge to the Future for Soil Science
    Language for the Universe. "But approach that was 20 years ago, " says Pachepsky, who is currently located at the ARS Remote Sensing and Modeling Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland. "Now, with precision agriculture, we are asked to deal with combine-mounted yield
  • Solid structures for machining centers
    Structural layout has a large bearing on the accuracy and productivity of bridge-type VMCs. Vertical-machining centers are often used for high-precision applications such as moldmaking and graphite machining, and VMC builders typically rely on portal structures to satisfy strict requirements
  • Novel Redundant Magnetoresistive Angle Sensors
    An AMR sensor is presented, which. measures rotational angles with high precision and. double redundancy, i.e. even if one sensor bridge. breaks down, still an angular error can be calculated. from the remaining sensor signals.
  • Medical Device Link .
    Milani 's Designs Bridge Italian Flair and Swiss Precision The Companies and Products of the Year If quality medical device design brings together elegant form and efficient function, Milani Design & Consulting AG (Erlenbach, Switzerland) takes the idea a step further, fusing "Italian flair
  • Medical Device Link .
    Spotlight on Precision Motion Control A three-phase bridge-type brushless dc motor driver uses pulse-width modulation to control speed. The BLDC-350 has a brake input to enable dynamic and static motor braking. The controller includes Hall-effect sensors for commutation, and an integral heat sink

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