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    Drum Pulleys - (32 companies)
    ...transmission components feature a versatile pulley design. Quarry duty drum pulleys are similar to mine duty products, but have thicker rims and an additional center disk. Extreme duty drum pulleys provide a longer, uninterrupted service life. Engineering... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Idler Pulleys - (76 companies)
    ...around a bend or to take up slack in a drive chain. There are many types of idler pulleys. Examples include an industrial idler pulley and a metric idler pulley. An industrial idler pulley is a pulley on a shaft that rests on or presses against... Learn More
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    Timing Pulley Flanges - (27 companies)
    ...pulleys include options for flanges. Separate flanges are available for custom pulleys made from pulley stock. Timing pulley flanges are manufactured to fit timing pulleys of the same pitch and size. The dimensions of a pitch, including the mating flange... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Pulley and Roller Lagging - (19 companies)
    Pulley and Roller Lagging Information. Pulley and roller lagging is the process of covering the surface of rollers or pulleys to increase traction, prevent premature wear, improve alignment between the roller/pulley and a belt, and extend... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Timing Pulleys (inch) - (173 companies)
    ...screw or hub clamping screw. Set screws tighten directly onto the shaft for pulley attachment. Hub clamping screws squeeze the inner diameter of the hub to a tight fit around the shaft. English pitch timing pulleys that do not use hubs are also... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Round Belt Pulleys - (64 companies)
    ...or to apply/transmit power. The round belt pulley accommodates a belt, cable, or rope in a groove around the circumference of the device to guide the drive element. Round belt pulleys are very efficient (approx. 95%), they can produce a mechanical advantage... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Flat Belt Pulleys - (85 companies)
    ...expensive than belts used in a serpentine belt pulley. One safety factor is that in overtorque situations, the belt can slip, preventing damage to equipment other than the belt itself. Flat belts require flat pulleys and flat pulley idlers. They do... Learn More
  • Timing Pulleys (metric) - (173 companies)
    ...diameter of the hub to a tight fit around the shaft. Metric pitch timing pulleys that do not use hubs are also available. These pulleys may be pressed or adhered onto a shaft, or use a set screw whose thread is tapped into the pulley grooves. In addition... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • V-Belt Pulleys - (212 companies)
    Pulley Operation. V-belt pulleys are solely used for transmitting power between two parallel axels. The most notable difference between a v-belt pulley and other types of pulleys (round belt, flat, etc.) would be the geometry of the groove or grooves... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Drum Heaters - (96 companies)
    Drum heaters are used to heat containers of viscous materials. They can be wrapped around or placed inside containers that hold substances such as wax or grease. Drum heaters are used on drums or process materials in a number of ways. Some... Search by Specification | Learn More
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...closely against the load. Testing the motor with the application is recommended. Instrument motor definitions vary with users and manufacturers of motors. Generally, an instrument motor is a precision motor with fractional or subfractional horsepower ratings. Sizes range from A gearmotor consists...

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  • Shopping - Best Prices On The Kyosho Caliber 5 50 Nitro Helicopter Kit - KYO21250C - Big Bruin
    Equipped with precision metal parts such as aluminum clutch drum and pulley combined with steel/resin swash plate, steel head to meet the demands of 3D flying.
  • Manufacturing Processes 4
    • barrels and drums , • cooking pots and pans, • hubcaps and silencers for motor vehicles, • lamp and radar reflectors, • V-belt pulleys , • tank bottoms, • rims for... ...• brake and hydraulic cylinders, • precision tubes, • jet engine...
  • Machinery's Handbook 29 - Index of Additional Content on the CD
    ...rope, strength of 3426– 3431, 3441 Points, lines, circles, (APT) NC 3186–3191 Polypropylene plastics 3399 Postprocessor, NC 3163, 3186 Precision gage blocks 3113–3115 Preload... ...radial on sheave or drum 3433 unit conversion 3030... ...air 3027 water 3021 Pulleys and belts flywheel pulley...
  • noun.artifact (
    in body cavities) } { snare_drum, snare2, side_drum, drum,@ (a small drum with two heads and a snare stretched across the lower head) } { snatch_block, fairlead,@ (a pulley -block that can be opened... ...has been snipped off)) } { sniper_rifle, precision _rifle, rifle,@ noun...
  • Minebull
    ...depth monitoring equipment to ensure constant depth digging, a GPS map system for precision mapping of the... The vehicle is also equipped with drum covers, a conveyor belt with permanent magnetic pulleys and a metal fragment collection bucket to collect buried iron fragments that obstruct the search for remaining mines.
  • Sell Vertical Dynamic Balancing Machine(PHD-100)
    It is mainly applied to balance all kinds of discoid parts, such as fanbrake diskbrake drum sawblade belt pulley ,etc .. High speed and precision are advanages of this balancing machine.
  • Optics and Metrology
    Two wires are run out to a workhead via two fixed pulleys whose separation defines a baseline. The wires wind and unwind from precision threaded drums , and the lengths of the trilateration coordinates are given by the rotation of the drums, measured digitally by a conventional moire fringe technique.
  • Proceedings of EUCOMES 08
    Moreover, since the load had to be lowered only with the winch, the rope friction at the drum and the pulley at the beam end would help the operator during unloading. With the two lateral links the operator could have precise control of the motion, this leading to...

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