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  • Selecting proximity sensors for diverse applications
    . Popular proximity sensor types include inductive, capacitive, and ultrasonic. Although other types, such as optical, radar, and vision sensors are also considered to be proximity sensors, only the inductive, capacitive, and ultrasonic types are included in this article. Because they typically perform
  • Magnetostrictive Level Sensors by David Nyce and Adrian Totten
    . Interface. Magnetostriction. high. low. Yes high. Radar. high. medium. No. high. Ultrasonic. Medium. medium. No. medium. Capacitance. Medium. medium. No. low. TDR. Medium. medium. Yes. medium. Diff Pressure. medium. medium. No. medium. a) Lower non-linearity is better, and means the difference
  • Criteria for the Selection of the Proper Distance Sensor Technology
    , aluminum, etc.);. High resolution;. Short response time;. Insensitive to contamination;. Small design;. Low cost. Inductive Optical Ultrasonic. Resolution. 0.1 μm 2. μm. 0.3 mm. Measurement precision 1 μm 2. μm. 0.5 mm. Linearity. 0.4 … 4%. 0.1 … 1.2% 0.5%. Response time. 0.35 ms. 0.9 ms. 50 ms
  • Piezoceramics
    Piezoceramics are used in many types of electromechanical transducers operating in a wide range of frequencies. In sensors, they enable forces, pressures and accelerations to be converted into electrical signals. In sound generators and ultrasonic devices such as transducers they produce
  • Wiring Diagrams for Madison Controllers and Annunciators (.pdf)
    These wiring diagrams are provided to aid the user in wiring the Madison products to these controllers and annunciators. Under each diagram you will find a Madison base part number. These numbers were selected to represent the continuous level, ultrasonic and radar level measurement products
  • Medical Device Link .
    Suppliers Tout Advances in Precision, Productivity Ultrasonic equipment introduced for machining ceramics, silicone Suppliers of machining equipment for medical device applications are redoubling efforts to increase throughput without sacrificing accuracy or reliability. Equipment makers have
  • Medical Device Link .
    , surface-mount, and thin-film models is available. Custom applications can be accommodated with options in materials, configurations, leads, and connections. Selco Products Co., 709 N. Poplar St., Orange, CA 92868-1013. Miniature ultrasonic sensors Miniature ultrasonic sensors offer a sensing range of 100 mm
  • Medical Device Link .
    . There is a growing trend to utilize printing technology, with thermal and ultrasonic printing heads being the current favorites. Printing Great potential for sensor membrane deposition. Lithographic processes are highly developed and should prove applicable to membrane deposition as the volume

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