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Parts by Number for Precision XY Table Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
XY-Au57-66M   Excitron Corporation Robots (Industrial) Order online, see drawings and details. X-Y table with 4" travel -.005 accuracy 22 pounds with 2 10A-TTL-3SW-57-66M motors/controllers. Precision X-Y-Z Robot machine for many purposes. Use for automatic assembly, laboratory measurements, and testing. Easy to move the platform anywhere in 3D space...
451P-XY   Del-Tron Precision, Inc. Ball Slides industry terms include positioning stages, linear positioners, XY stages, micrometer slides, roller tables, and more generally as linear slides or motion slides. Versatile - Smooth, accurate travel for intermittent motion applications. Positive Locking - Side mounted lock feature prevents movement...
KT-2030-40 Alliance for Precision Systems, Div of TPA, LLC PM Bearings B.V. Crossed Roller Slides Manual operation, equal strokes, compact, steel, precision ground

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    table to support bearings, feedback devices and payloads. IntelLiDrives: Rotary Tables, Linear Actuators, XY Tables, Rotary Table. ROTARY TABLE. Rotary table construction. Torque motors are also called "frameless" motors. They don't have housings, bearings, or feedback devices. In this sense
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    there be any. TomoTherapy. S disruption due to power loss, and to ensure precise synchro- Madison,WI. nization of the x-y axis. G A L I L. M O T I O N. C O N T R O L ,. I N C . s. 8 0 0 - 3 7 7 - 6 3 2 9. s. W W W . G A L I L M C . C O M
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    Microscope x-y stages need fast, smooth, and accurate motion for highest performance. In addition, we want to use the most cost effective hardware that can get the job done. What control techniques are available to achieve these goals?. The diagram on page two shows an all-in-one motion card design
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    /DGQ 3441 of +-0.3 um. This high-precision, high-accuracy performance is achievable throughout the machine 's x-y work envelope of 500 x 500 mm. The machine bed features symmetrical construction from the manufacturer 's own Armorith material. The thermally stable and vibration-dampening base helps
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    integrity. Standard features include a 75-mm x-ray detector, an 80-kV 5- um x-ray tube, z-axis movement of the x-ray tube, a joystick-controlled variable-speed x-y stage with a 75 sample rotation fixture, and an image-processing cpu with a 17-in. liquid-crystal display flat-panel monitor. Designed
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    of the bottom axis. are rigidly made as a single part. In a compound XY. Split XYZ Axes - A split axes positioning stage typically. configuration care should be given in consideration to the Abbe Error. provides higher precision and higher stiffness than a compound. of the top axis due to cantilever "diving
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    to 11,000 lb of continuous force. A Windows-based control system operates up to six CNC axes such as robots, x-y positioning systems, and five additional press stations. Schmidt Feintechnik Corp., 280 Executive Dr., Cranberry Township, PA 16066-6415. Machining Center Produces Molds and Dies
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    to, with XY tables, measure accurately the various geometries on that part, but we 're doing it anywhere from 40 times to 200 times magnification to be able to really see what we 're doing. ". These days, Preferred Precision (Shelton, CT) is using optical measuring devices - laser and vision scopes - rather