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    Press Brake Tooling - (28 companies)
    Press brake tooling includes dies and punches used with a press brake to form, bend or flatten sheet metal. How to Select Press Brake Tools. Images credit: Perfect Form LLC | Fam Equipment | Dallas Ft. Worth Industrial. Press brake tooling includes...
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  • Tool and Die Makers-Image
    Tool and Die Makers - (1432 companies)
    ...welding fixtures, and custom or specialty tools. Fourslide or multislide tooling incorporates horizontal die applications from multiple directions, either simultaneously or successively, in addition to the vertical motion of a punch press. Jigs...
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  • Press Brakes-Image
    Press Brakes - (277 companies)
    Press Brakes Information. Press brakes are used to bend and fold metal by pressing it into a die. There are several types of press brakes. Examples include a hydraulic press brake, folding equipment, bending machine, press brake tooling, CNC brake...
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  • Grinders and Grinding Machines-Image
    Grinders and Grinding Machines - (1009 companies)
    ...joints, engine blocks, engine heads, transmission components, brake rotors, flywheels and other vehicle parts. Grinders and grinding machines are used in the manufacture of medical devices, ceramics, glass, plastics, composites, semiconductors...
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  • Die Springs-Image
    Die Springs - (54 companies)
    Made mainly for punch press to provide consistent and reliable resistance, die springs also find use in other industries. How to Select Die Springs. Image credits: Golden Speed; Hello Trade; Bombay Harbor. Die springs are a robust type of helical...
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    Die Cutters and Die Cutting Machines - (153 companies)
    Die cutters and die cutting machines convert web or sheet materials into shapes. They are used to process woven cloth, non-woven textiles, and rubber sheets. There are two basic types of die cutters and die cutting machines: clicker presses...
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    V-Belts and V-Ribbed Belts - (381 companies)
    Description. V-belts and V-ribbed belts are power transmission drive belts with a triangular or trapezoidal cross section. They are available in a variety of belt materials, reinforcement styles, and speed configurations. Typically, V...
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    Die Sets - (61 companies)
    Die sets are assemblies that link the upper and lower die holders. They include guide pins or posts, guide pin bushings, heel blocks, heel plates, and die shoes. Die sets are metal plates, usually made of aluminum or steel, that provide a foundation...
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    Gaskets and Gasketing - (1398 companies)
    ...sheet or die-cut, gasket strip, sanitary gasket, spiral wound, spring finger, tape, window gasket, cured-in-place (CIP), and formed-in-place (FIP). In a sheet or die cut gasket the gasket material is a flat sheet that can be cut prior to assembly...
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    V-Belt Pulleys - (216 companies)
    V-belt pulleys or sheaves mate with drive belts in numerous power transmission applications. They are made in many configurations such as tension idlers and variable speed/ratio pulleys. V-belt pulleys (also called vee belt sheaves) are devices...
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  • ZASMHBA0003507
    … cold-formed parts include certain types of tool marks, particularly indentations at inside bend radii, scoring that may occur during deep drawing or forming, and scoring on outer surfaces such as often occurs when forming in a press brake using V - dies .
  • Bendability of machined aluminium Tailor-made blanks
    A press brake with V -type dies and punches with different bending radii were used to bend the specimens at a bend angle of 90o .
  • ZASMHBA0005113
    V - die on a press brake .
  • Sheet Metal Forming: Processes and Applications
    2.44 S.D. Benson, V - Die Selection for Press Brakes , The Fabricator, March 2006, p 40–41 .
  • ZASMHBA0005177
    The parts were formed in an 1800 kN (200 tonf) mechanical press brake using a standard V - die and round-nose punch.
  • Handbook of Die Design, Second Edition > BLANK CALCULATION OR FLAT LAYOUT
    Table 7-1 is an additional bend allowance chart, widely used in sheet-metal fabrication, where press - brake bending using V - dies is prevalent.
  • ZSMFP2012P019
    … Gestützte Prozessregelung des Freibiegens," Ph.D. thesis, University of Dortmund, Verlag Shaker, Aachen, Germany, 2008 American Machine Tool Corp., Chicago, 2.43 IL, S.D. Benson, V - Die Selection for Press 2.44 Brakes , The Fabricator, March 2006 …
  • Sheet Metal Forming: Fundamentals
    V -bend die A die commonly used in press brake forming, usually machined with a triangular cross-sectional opening to provide two edges as fulcrums for accomplishing three-point bending.
  • ZSMFF2012P233
    V -bend die A die commonly used in press brake forming, usually machined with a triangular cross-sectional opening to provide two edges as fulcrums for accomplishing three-point bending. velocity of final hem steel Speed at which the final hem steel …
  • CR4 - Thread: Help with Bending Forces for 3mm (1/8") Copper Sheet
    The first bend is easy, you could do this in a press brake , a box brake or with a simple V die , or even in a bench vise.