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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
2199320 PHOENIX CONTACT USA Not Provided Housing - 2199320 Panel mounting base, Lower part, Color:  green, Width:  102 mm
2199113 PHOENIX CONTACT USA Not Provided Housing - 2199113 Panel mounting base, Lower part, Color:  green, Width:  15.5 mm
2697738 PHOENIX CONTACT USA Not Provided Electronic housing - 2697738 Panel mounting base, Lower part, Color:  green, Width:  18 mm

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  • Competence in Press-fit Technology
    contact) has a diagonal with a larger cross-section than the metallised hole in the printed circuit board. The contact pin is pressed into the hole with a pre-determined, controlled force. For this, the ept company makes use of a flexible press-fit zone, the Tcom press (R), which causes elastic
  • Determining PTH Integrity with Cross-Section Analysis
    Maintaining PTH integrity is one of the most important factors to assure success with press-fit. interconnects. Cross-section analysis is used to prove the basic integrity of press-fit pins for use within. specified production parameters. Cross-section analysis needs to be done in a test program
  • Avoiding Unnecessary Failures: Proper Care and Maintenance Can Optimize Bearing Service Life
    in bearing life expectancy due to a variety of influences. For instance, each section of a modern paper machine - the wet end (forming or wire section), the press section, the dryer and the reel - exposes bearings within it to potentially life threatening conditions. It is important that maintenance
  • Getting value from an upgrade
    a topformer, reduce the draws in the press section, increase stability replace the pond size press with a film press with IR afterdrying and a new winder. In addition, control and drive systems would be almost totally upgraded. In the coater area, improved IR drying, a new kitchen and upgrade
  • Lube system benefits from redesigned reservoir
    machine components such as gear reducers, dryer rolls, felt rolls, and wire and press-section rolls. The systems must withstand high temperatures and eliminate contaminants such as abraded and oxidized particles, water, and air bubbles. Traditional reservoir systems with square tanks often keep
  • World record speed with drying machine
    Metso Paper USA Inc., 2900 Courtyards Drive, Norcross, Atlanta, Georgia, GA 30071, USA pulp drying, energy efficient, loading capacity, tons per day, records, high speed, development projects, baling, wet end, process automation, headbox, press section, dryer, cutter/layboy, Stora Enso Today
  • Hot Extrusion
    heated to the appropriate temperature is fed into the cylindrical container of the extrusion press and is forced by the action of a ram through a steel die whose orifice has the desired shape to produce the solid or hollow section. The metal emerges from the die as a continuous bar, which is cut
  • Semipermanent Pins
    machinists to remove and replace die sections while the die is in the press. have a taper of ... in./ft measured on the diameter. Basic dimension is the diameter of the large end. Diameter of the small end is given by = diameter of the large end, in., and The standardized series of numbered pin

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  • Oil hydraulic system
    The unresolved air in particular in high pressure part by means of following constructive and operational measures is to reduce to limit the disturbing effect (free) to a minimum measure.
  • Centrifugal pumps
    are installed to protect the low pressure part against overpressure because of wrong manipulations.
  • Dubbel
    Operating pressures further are increased, so, the turbine exhaust steam zwischenüberhitzt must become for thermodynamic reasons ( pressure part ) (s. L3.1.1).
  • Spanlose production: punches
    Therefore, the materials with as same coefficient of expansion as possible are for top and bottom tool and to select the press parts .
  • Technical fluid mechanics
    They can form also free surfaces (section 2.1.1) by that the pressure down (minimum value) through its is limited material and temperature dependent vapor pressure ( section 2).
  • Umformtechnische production of complex body parts
    Thus, the rabbeting operation in two stages can be effected from an angle of attack of about 115 ° so that is tried in the method planning for the press part to realize an angle of attack of about 115 °.
  • Aircraft engines
    Image 2-2: Principal structure of a modern multiple shaft-Turbo fan-engine with low, middle and high pressure part .
  • Technical fluid mechanics
    They form konnen also freieOberflachen (section 2.1.1) by that the pressure down (minimum value) through its is limited material and temperaturabhangigen vapor pressure ( section 2).