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  • A Laboratory Plasma Experiment for Studying Magnetic Dynamics of Accretion Discs and Jets
    . gap because the pressure-distance product there is too small. Experimental results to date have centered around. to satisfy the Paschen breakdown criteria (Bellan 2000). A. time-resolved global imaging of the plasma evolution. Im-. cylindrical coordinate system (R, θ, Z) is utilized, with the. ages
  • Duocel (R) Foam Pressure Drop
    Pressure drop through the foam is strictly a function of the pore size (pores per inch). ERG Duocel (R) Foam pressure drop charts. Materials and Applications Guide. Application Table. Heat Exchangers. Energy Absorbers. Air Oil Separators. Baffles. Bone Research. Breather Plugs. CO2 Scrubber
  • Blackmer C-Series Mouvex Principle Eccentric Disc Sealless Pump Technology
    Over the past decade, global competitive pressure and environmental protection regulations have forced companies to improve operating economics, pioneer new and sophisticated processing techniques and refine fluid transfer processes, pollution control, and sanitary standards. As a result
  • Ship Loader
    and emergency stopping. (Total of 8 brakes on 4 discs). Brake torque per disc is 199,5 kNm (1,760,00 lbf-in) with 95 bar (1,380 psi) releasing pressure. ./8676bc8d-7c84-4e3a-95f5-b1ac23d9fd38 CASE STORY. SHIP LOADER. CUSTOMER. APPLICATION. Vector Aandrijftechniek B.V. Two Dellner Brakes type SKP 4x120-68
  • NorthLink Ferries
    Each propeller shaft is equipped with a Dellner Brakes model SKD 4x100 pressure applied disc brake operating on a ø1050 mm (41.3 in) brake disc. The primary function of the brake is to hold the propeller shaft: * while maintenance is done on one and the other propeller still operates. * when
  • Catamaran Ferry 1, Mols-Linjen
    Each engine shaft is equipped with four Dellner Brakes type SKD 50 hydraulically applied disc brakes operating on two 495 mm (19.5 in) diameter discs (2 brakes per disc). The brakes are activated with pneumatic to hydraulic pressure intensifiers. Pneumatic pressure of 7 bar (102 psi) is raised
  • Mine Winch, Canada
    . The braking torque generated from this system is 24500 Nm (216,900 lbf-in) per brake disc with 115 bar (1,670 psi) releasing pressure. ./8189d040-b8b1-4d2b-8eac-ed426a9ea790 CASE STORY. MINE WINCH. CUSTOMER. The mine winch, which is working in the 540 m (591 yd). BDI Canada Inc. deep mine
  • Hellenic Navy - Gun Boats
    in) or 950 mm (37.4 in) brake discs. The brakes are pressurized with a pneumatic-hydraulic pressure intensifier. Brake torque generated is approx. 200 kNm (1,770,000 lbf-in) depending on disc size and the applied pneumatic pressure. The purpose of the brakes is to quickly stop the propeller to change

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