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  • Zirconium Clad Pressure Vessels Offer Cost Savings in Highly Corrosive HCL Service (.pdf)
    to be. developed. It was believed that the corrosion could be mitigated by proper vessel design and fabrication, and by. proper process controls. In laboratory corrosion tests, zirconium 702 samples were exposed to the. simulated process environment with differing ferric chloride concentrations. All tests were
  • Leak Detection for Non-Pressurized Vessels
    Arcing & Corona Discharge. Case Study: Non-Pressurized Systems. The seals around the windows and doors of the military's KC-135 air cargo tanker cannot have any cracks or holes. According to procedure, the KC-135 must go through a 10.9 pressure drop down test to ensure that cabin pressure is maintained
  • Pressure Distribution of Stored Bulk Solid Materials
    this type behaviour is the Brookfield Powder Flow Tester (See Figure 1). Using shear cell technology, this device shears a small sample of the powder to measure the frictional forces acting between the powder particles. !. Microsoft Word - Pressure Distribution of Bulk Solid Materials.doc
  • Test it Right for Thin-Cake Filtration Operations
    . • A specific test apparatus to. A second alternative is to con-. Time for Filtration. measure data such as pH, con-. duct the tests at the BHS laborato-. % Solids in Filtrate. Wash Material. ductivity, particle size after com-. ry using process materials pro-. Wash 2. Pressure. pletion
  • Medical Device Link .
    code ensures that results are delivered and valuable patient samples not lost when an abnormal event occurs. Insturment interfaces with the laboratory information system (LIS) and the Internet communcate patient test results and also provide powerful new capabilities to enhance analyzer
  • Medical Device Link . Evaluating Sterilizer Performance as Part of Process Equivalency Determination Paul J. Sordellini and Vincent A. Caputo
    protocol, and repeatability of the results must be clearly demonstrated. Because the protocol will include such specifications as the minimum and maximum allowable operating pressures for the vessel, all vacuum and pressure leak tests should be engineered to reflect and validate those parameters
  • Medical Device Link .
    in vitro test methods is required to predict the product behaviour in vivo. The drug-eluting bead (DEB) is employed for intra-arterial drug delivery, whereby the DEB is delivered into the feeding artery of a tumour to block the vessel and starve the tumour. This process causes some of the tumour cells
  • Medical Device Link .
    handling, the Liat tube uses a flexible tube as the sample vessel and contains all assay reagents prepacked in tube segments that are separated by peelable seals. A bar code is attached to the tube frame so that the analyzer can identify the test menu and select an appropriate program for conducting