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    Flow Cytometers - (22 companies)
    Flow cytometers use laser beams to characterize single cells as they pass by at high speed. Flow cytometers are used to rapidly count and identify bacteria, cells, and other biological particles. Although flow cytometers measure only one cell... Learn More
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    Flow Meters - (1655 companies)
    Flow meters (flowmeters) and flow sensors are devices used for measuring the flow rate or quantity of a moving fluid or gas. How to Select Flow Meters. Image Credit: Aalborg Instruments, Clark Solutions. Flow meters are devices for measuring... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Flow Transmitters - (243 companies)
    Technology. Flow transmitters use several meter technologies, including differential pressure (DP). The basic operating principle of DP meters is that a pressure drop across a meter is proportional to the square of the flow rate. Examples of DP meters... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Gas Flow Meters - (424 companies)
    ...of flow meters, but most can be classified by the means in which it measures flow. Differential pressure flow meters rely on Bernoulli's principle, measuring pressure drop over an obstruction inserted in the flow to correlate to gas flow. Velocity flow... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Flow Switches - (368 companies)
    Flow switches are devices that monitor flow and send a trip signal to other devices, like a pump, for protection. These switches can be used for the measurement of gases, liquids, and steam. How to Select Flow Switches. Flow switch. Image Credit... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Air Velocity Flow Sensors - (266 companies)
    Air velocity flow sensors measure air velocity or volume flow using insertion probes or capture hoods. Air Velocity Flow Sensors Information. Air velocity flow sensors are inserted into a duct or pipe through an access hole to measure air velocity... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Flow Controllers - (457 companies)
    Flow controllers monitor and maintain flow-rate variables, typically in process applications. Flow Controllers. Flow controller. PID flow controller. Limit flow controller. Image Credit: Kaeser Compressors | Intersoll Rand | Dwyer. Flow controllers... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Solids Flow Meters - (33 companies)
    ...and weight of the material passing through the pipe is gauged by radial acceleration and chute deflection. A Coriolis flow meter uses the principle of the Coriolis effect to measure flow rate and total weight. The acceleration of the bulk material... Learn More
  • Volumetric Liquid Flow Switches - (139 companies)
    ...liquid flow switches are used with differential pressure (DP) meters or positive displacement (PD) meters. Differential Pressure Meters. With differential pressure meters, the basic operating principle is that the pressure drop across the meter... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Vortex Flow Meters - (120 companies)
    Measuring Principle. Video Credit: EndressHauserAG. The basic principle for a vortex flow meter is that a barrier is placed in a moving stream. As the flow goes around the object it alternates creating vortices (swirls of media) from the top... Search by Specification | Learn More
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Blue Note ®   KLASTECH GmbH Lasers The 488nm laser wavelength is the principle laser for bio-fluorescence applications including flow cytometry, confocal microscopy and high throughput screening. However, many of these applications require diffraction limited TEM00 optical performance combined with extremely low optical noise...

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Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry True Multiplexed Analysis by Computer-Enhanced Flow Cytometry A personal computer and a novel assay format convert a common laboratory instrument into a state-of-the-art diagnostic device. Ralph L. McDade and R. Jerrold Fulton New and improved in vitro...

A high-tech combination of microspheres, flow cytometry, and high-speed digital processing is making multiple analyte quantitation a reality. In the Flowmetrix system, a single sample can contain up to 64 discrete microsphere sets differentiated by their unique red-orange fluorescence. Each set... work: the Facs loader of the Facscalibur flow cytometry system by Becton Dickinson (San Jose). Photo Courtesy of Becton Dickinson Immunocytometry Systems Regardless of the technical features that the instrument embodies, however, the completed product will only be considered successful from...

...with advanced stepper-motor drive technology to produce near pulseless flow. Electronically Controlled Diaphragm Metering Pumps. The principle behind electronically controlled diaphragm metering pumps involves the use of electronics to precisely control motor speed throughout a single stroke cycle... linked to several principles. These include its properties, biological interaction with the body or the environment, and exposure. The test has chemical instruments that look at size and surface characteristics of nanoparticles, and enzymatic and flow cytometry that observe the generation of oxygen...

...applications, a particular type of cell can be isolated from a complex mixture by numerous means, among them fluorescence-assisted cell sorting via flow cytometry; density-gradient-based methods; and magnetic- particle-based methods. Cell isolations based on magnetically responsive particle technology offer...

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