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    Monochromators - (41 companies)
    ...length, grating resolving power, and the grating order. Resolution is the minimum bandpass of the spectrometer, which is usually determined by aberrations in the optical system. With monochromators, the acceptance angle (f/#) is a measurement... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Spectrometer Repair Services - (7 companies)
    Spectrometer repair services provide a cost-effective solution for refurbishment and repair for all types of spectrometers and spectrometer system components. Spectrometer repair services provide a cost-effective solution for refurbishment... Learn More
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    Mass Spectrometers - (121 companies)
    ...specifying mass spectrometers include mass range, resolution, mass accuracy and mass spectrum. Mass range is a measure of the atomic mass range detected by the spectrometer in Atomic Mass Units. May also be measured in Daltons. The resolution... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Infrared Spectrometers - (178 companies)
    Infrared (IR) spectrometers measure the wavelength and intensity of the absorption of infrared light by a sample. Infrared (IR) spectrometers measure the wavelength and intensity of the absorption of infrared light by a sample. Infrared light lies... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    UV and Visible Spectrometers - (185 companies)
    UV and visible spectrometers measure the amount of ultraviolet (UV) and visible light transmitted or absorbed by a sample placed in the spectrometer. UV and Visible Spectrometers Information. UV and visible spectrometers measure the amount... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Diffraction Gratings - (55 companies)
    A diffraction grating uses a substrate with parallel grooves to disperse light into its spectra. Eschelles are included in this area. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Raman Spectrometers - (76 companies)
    Raman spectrometers are used to determine chemical compositions based on the measurement of the wavelength and intensity of inelastically scattered light from molecules. Raman Spectrometers Information. Raman spectroscopy is the measurement... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Imaging Spectrometers - (18 companies)
    How to Select Imaging Spectrometers. Image Credit: Horiba | Resonon. Imaging Spectrometers are instruments used in hyperspectral imaging and imaging spectroscopy to acquire spectrally resolved images. What is Imaging Spectroscopy?. Spectroscopy... Learn More
  • NMR Spectrometers - (15 companies)
    ...transformation (FT) spectrometer are the two overarching types of NMR spectrometers. Continuous wave spectrometers analyze the sample at a constant frequency of light while applying a sweeping magnetic field to achieve nuclei resonance. These spectrometers... Learn More
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometers - (49 companies)
    Atomic absorption (AA) spectrometers use the absorption of light to measure the concentration of gas-phase atoms. How to Select Atomic Absorption Spectrometers. Atomic absorption (AA) spectrometers use light absorption to measure the concentration... Search by Specification | Learn More
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...instrument or spectrometer generally consists of entrance slit, collimator, a dispersive element, such as a grating or prism, focusing optics and detector. In a monochromator system there is normally also an exit slit, and only a narrow portion of the spectrum is projected on a one-element detector...

The reflective diffraction grating is the heart of most spectroscopy systems today. Before the 1950's, the prism. was the primary dispersive element in spectrometer designs. The use of an epoxy replication process in the. 1950's led to the mass production of plane ruled reflective diffraction...

...but further increase in the path difference will not cause the fringes to reappear. Image brightness, contrast, energy conservation. Etendue. Comparison to other common spectrometers. Prism spectrometer. Grating spectrometer. A Michelson interferometer has very high brightness for the same...

...into its constituent wavelengths by means of a spectrometer. The dispersing element in the Dobson is a quartz prism in the Dobson and a diffraction grating in the Brewer....

...of the discovery of "invisible light" by Sir Frederick William Herschel in 1800. With a prism set at his window to refract sunlight, Herschel moved the bulb of a mercury thermometer through the visible spectrum produced by the prism. As the bulb passed through the spectrum, Herschel recorded the thermometer...

...such as elliptical galaxies and galaxies that have red colors due to a high degree of dust absorption. The entire HUDF also was observed with the advanced camera's "grism" spectrograph, a hybrid prism and diffraction grating. "The grism spectra have already yielded the identification of about a thousand...

...speci-. 10 p.p.m.). Specimens were oriented by X-ray Laue. mens (run N798, Table 1) were placed in simple. back-re¯ection so that the longest dimension was. gold capsules that were sealed by arc-welding. perpendicular to [0001] at 458 to a f11 "20g prism. Specimens were contaminated by silver, probably...

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