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  • Introduction to Instrumentation, Sensors, and Process Control
    Introduction to Instrumentation, Sensors, and Process Control. Covering a range of technologies and techniques, this clear, easy-to-comprehend resource provides in-depth discussions on analog digital circuits and controllers, and details microelectromechanical devices and smart sensors.
  • Improving Control: The Issues of Final Control Element Actuation
    A precision electric actuator is unaffected by valve stiction and can track closed-loop controller demand almost perfectly, without dead time, lag, or overshoot. A natural response to the increasing economic, environmental, and competitive pressures facing industry is to improve process control
  • The Ups and Downs of Taking the Bus
    at the lowest level of the process control hierarchy; it is used to connect measurement and control equipment to the process controller. Conventional instrumentation and controls use a pair of wires for each device to carry analog signals for communication. In contrast, fieldbus instrumentation
  • What to Expect at Interphex 2007
    of Emerson Process Management, Brooks Instrument provides integrated low-flow fluid measurement and control instrumentation. The Brooks product line features a number of technologies to handle a wide range of flow challenges including Coriolis, thermal mass, variable area (rotometers) and positive
  • Speed-Swimming in a Data Swamp
    , and the work of control-systems vendors tends to move to the fore. CAD vendors have developed tools specifically for instrumentation and control systems "and control vendors use them, even while offering their own databases for the ongoing data storage of operating data and equipment status. Within the past
  • Tales from the Front: Applying Fieldbus at Genzyme, Part 1
    segment design standards that were followed by our engineering design contractor for the stick-built process equipment and by the various skid vendors. William T. Dolan, P.E., is principal instrumentation and controls engineer at Genzyme Corp. in Allston, Mass. He can be reached at Genzyme s Allston
  • Extending the Validated Workplace
    Nowadays, building automation systems (BAS) can be nearly as complex as the process control system--a network of controllers, data centers, sensors and video cameras. The reason: 21 CFR Part 11, the electronic-recordkeeping requirements that FDA has imposed on the pharmaceutical industry