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  • Forced-Circulation Steam Generators for SAGD Applications
    the warm lime. softening process is applied, the produced water cannot be cleaned enough for conventional watertube drum. boilers, so it has to be processed via a once-through steam generator (OTSG). The OTSG technology, while. proven, involves frequent maintenance and cleaning that wastes a lot
  • Steam and power
    , supplied the biggest single-cylinder turbine-generator ever to be installed in a pulp and paper mill. With the plant operating at 100 % steam generating capacity some of the electricity produced is supplied to the grid. The steam turbine, a single-cylinder backpressure machine with an electrical output
  • Typical Clean Steam installation Practices
    is of the correct quality and. purity for the process”. In order to achieve this end goal there are three key areas of design, which must be considered. once the requirement for clean steam, has been identified. • Point of Use. • Distribution. • Production. Design and operation of equipment, piping
  • The Next Generation of Steam Plant Controls
    , existing distributed. control systems (DCS), the selection of the next DCS is a critical. As a starting point, a steam generator needs to consider what. decision that will significantly affect their current and future ability data is available for analysis and whether that data provides. to achieve true
  • Reciprocating Generator Sets: A Viable Choice in Sustainable Energy (.pdf)
    plant itself. Generally, the hot water and low pressure steam produced by CHP systems. reciprocating generator sets meet low temperature process needs, provide space heating and. potable water heating, and run chillers that provide cold water, air conditioning and. dehumidification, or refrigeration
  • Pressure Control In a Biogas Generator
     . driving generators to produce electricity, which is . Aerial view of the Gloversville‐Johnstown waste water . treatment plant in New York. . Page 1 . 11/16/2010 4:57:00 PM. utilized to operate the facility.   The plant processes 6 million gallons of sewage per day, and 100,000 . gallons of waste
  • Experimental Residual Stress Evaluation Of Hydraulic Expansion Transitions In Alloy 690 Steam Generator Tubing (.pdf)
    Nuclear Steam Generator (SG) service reliability and. longevity have been seriously affected worldwide by. corrosion at the tube-to-tubesheet joint expansion. Current SG designs for new facilities and replacement. projects enhance corrosion resistance through the use. of advanced tubing materials
  • Steam Humidification: Reducing Energy Use, Airstream Heat Gain, and Condensate Production
    improve system. energy efficiency, water consumption. not vary: Receive steam from a steam generator,. discharge steam into a duct or air-handling-unit. Steam humidification is considered. essential for most process (e.g., semi-. conductor manufacturing, printing) (AHU) air stream through calibrated

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