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  • Honey, I shrunk the circuit board
    of the conventional circuit board. A recent example of this trend is a technique called 3D CSP (chip-scale processing). 3D CSP builds on older miniaturization techniques by folding the circuit substrate to save space. Electronic-circuit-miniaturization techniques have evolved over the years. One
  • Printed Circuit Board Emission Control
    One of the world's largest printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers was required to install air pollution abatement equipment to control the VOCs emitted during their soldering and coating process. Three main considerations were important to the customer: * The need for a system with a competitive
  • Thermal Characterization Process For Open-Frame Board Mounted Power Modules (.pdf)
    The remote on/off feature on the board-mounted power modules (BMPMs) allows the user to switch the module on and off electronically. This feature provides greater flexibility in the start-up sequencing and provides fault control of the user's power system. This application note outlines the types
  • Circuit-board fasteners that won't let go
    The latest hardware is smaller, installs faster, and holds better. Special Products Manager PennEngineering Fastening Surface-mount fasteners are supplied on tape and reels, and install using standard automated surface-mount and solder-reflow processes. Panel fasteners permit quick removal
  • Board-Mounted Power Modules: Soldering and Cleaning (.pdf)
    Board-mounted power modules are purchased by many different and diverse customers for a broad range of applications. there are just as many different soldering techniques and cleaning processes. If a power module is exposed to an excessive amount of heat or an inappropriate cleaning process
  • X-rays spot circuit-board flaws
    X-rays can go deeper into PC-board inspection than traditional vision systems to uncover component placement and soldering errors. EDITED BY JOHN R. GYORKI Self-contained X-ray systems can perform numerous inspection functions including failure analysis, process analysis, and repair verification
  • M2031: Printed Circuit Board Design for LSM1 VCOs
    to incorporate into the pcb design. The pad footprint defined on the pcb must be the correct size to ensure a proper solder connection interface between the board and the package. With the correct pad geometry, the packages will self align when subjected to a solder reflow process and will also allow
  • Circuit Board Cleaning: Cleaning with Solvent-Alternative Chemistries
    Printed circuit boards with through-hole and surface mount components are used in a variety of electronic industries. Thorough cleaning of these boards after soldering always has been crucial to reliability of the finished product. Flux residue from the soldering process previously had been removed

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