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  • A Review of Analytical Methodologies in PM Analysis
    11426 Determination of gold in gold jewelry alloys - Cupellation method (fire assay). Under the ASTM E1335 laboratories worldwide can participate in the proficiency tests conducted every six months. When the procedure was written initially it was meant to handle relatively simple gold/silver alloys
  • Most Common ISO 17025 Deficiencies
    , the A2LA Conditions for Accreditation, and the A2LA Requirements for Proficiency Testing Participation, all of which are applicable to all laboratories, across all fields. There was an indication that several sections of ISO/IEC 17025 pose a problem with regard to a basic understanding
  • Medical Device Link .
    on the complexity of the device as determined by the following criteria: knowledge; training and experience; reagents and materials preparation; characteristics of operational steps; calibration, quality control, and proficiency testing materials; test system troubleshooting and maintenance; and interpretation
  • ISO 17025
    ISO 17025 addresses the proficiency of the organization to perform the testing and calibration activities. It is a standard geared towards technical qualification and deals heavily with measurement uncertainties. This is layered on top of an ISO 9000 certification, which is a standard, used
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    certification for total cholesterol, LDL-C, and HDL-C assays using freshly collected serum samples by following the CRMLN certification protocols when the products are ready for commercialization.2 In addition, some CRMLN laboratories provide proficiency testing programs and serum samples with assigned target
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    the existing QC requirements to parallel the flow of a patient specimen through the laboratory, from specimen collection to test result reporting. The new rule introduces a number of different changes related to QC, such as in proficiency testing, required frequency of QC for certain types
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    control results are acceptable during the 10 consecutive days, no issues are identified as a result of the ongoing quality assessments of the lab test, proficiency test results are acceptable, and laboratory personnel competency evaluations are acceptable.8. Tests eligible for option 2 contain internal
  • Dissolution Testing in the 21st Century
    through a USP Performance Verification Test (PVT). These tablets are used as reference standards for a PVT. He described the USP approach as a "proficiency test " that assesses a laboratory s ability to conduct a procedure competently. It tries to ensure that measurements made at different times