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  • Intermodulation Distortion in Programmable Attenuators
    . Intermodulation Distortion in Programmable Attenuators.... Weinschel has been a major supplier of However, their slow switch speed, in the order of millisec-. programmable attenuators to the RF industry for over. onds, and short switch life in the order of 5-10 million cycles. 30 years. Historically
    metalization,. Figure 1. The most common material for thick-film resistors is ruthenium dioxide. Popular thin film materials are nichrome,. tantalum nitride and tin oxide. Figure 1. PI and T Network Schematics. 1. Almost all the fixed and programmable attenuators offered by Weinschel specify
  • Mixed Mode Silicon-on-Insulator MMIC Technology For Digitally Controlled RF/Microwave Systems (.pdf)
    and data handling. The SPI port is the only connection to the system, with. all operating modes programmable. Document Outline. Plymouth, MN 55441, USA. MICROWAVE / MIXED MODE IC SOI PROCESS. PMOS. DESIGN EXAMPLES. DIGITALLY CONTROLLED RF SYSTEMS. CONCLUSION. ILLUSTRATIONS
  • Flexible Family of PXI RF/MW Downconverter Modules (Autotestcon'08) (.pdf)
    . Fast-tuning LO: < 1 msec. Wideband and narrowband IF outputs: YIG Pre-selector & programmable attenuator. 250 MHz IF/ 350 MHz BW. Six (6) primary user configurations. 21.4 MHz IF/ 30 KHz BW & 8 MHz BW. Pag. a e. g 9. M.Gran. M.Gr. eri. M.Gran. aneri. C. C. Mahal. C.Mahal. P. P. . P P. . ragastis. P
  • Agilent: Automotive Electronic Functional Test Using Agilent System Components
    There are many types of electronic modules in automobiles today and new ones are springing up rapidly. In many cases, low frequency modules (i.e., ones without RF capabilities) can all be tested using a single system component architecture. This application note describes how best to use Agilent
  • S46 Microwave Switch System's "Just What You Need" Philosophy
    , programmable attenuators, and other. types of active and passive RF components. The S46’s actual complement of. relays (or other controllable channel devices) is specified by the user at the time. of order, permitting the basic S46 mainframe to be in a variety of multiplexers,. matrices, independent
  • The Ten Commandments of Wireless Communications (.pdf)
    in dBm—decibels referenced to a value of 1 mil iwatt of power. It’s worth knowing. how to calculate dBm from mil iwatts (mW) and how dBm relates to radio power. Radio Frequency (RF) power is measured in. mW or, more useful y, in a logarithmic scale of decibels (dB), or decibels referenced to 1 mW
  • The Case for Synthetic Instrumentation (.pdf)
    were primarily focused on low frequency analog,. digital, and base-band, as opposed to RF/Microwave (RF/W) applications. The Case for SI 022307 Rev 3.doc. 1. Mike Granieri. Phase Matrix, Inc. The genesis of Modern Day instantiations of synthetic instruments find their roots in the communications

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