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  • Smart programming for smart cameras
    The introductions of data-flow programming techniques to smartcamera vision systems promises to change the way these systems are deployed. Consider a pick-and-place machine. Here a proximity sensor fires when a component comes in range. It triggers a robot arm to pick up the part and move
  • Creating a Custom Ethernet Communication Interface to a Galil controller
    For most applications, the standard GalilTools communication libray or API (Application Programming Interface) provides the best method of communicating from either a Windows or Linux computer to a Galil controller. The GalilTools communication library provides calls such as "Command
    in order to extend an application and provide custom behavior. Usually the effort required to perform small customizations is not significant provided the framework is understood. This paper introduces Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), OLE Automation, and Extensible Markup Language (XML), three
  • AN01: Interfacing the RadEye1 Image Sensor to the National Instruments PCI-6111E Data Acquisition Board
    . A custom adapter board matches up the signals from the RadEye connector to the input connector on the PCI-6111E board. The programs for acquiring, displaying and storing images are written using National Instruments' LabVIEW graphical programming language. Please refer to the RadEye1 datasheet
  • 3D Modeler Lets Users Exploit the API
    Software review: 3D Modeler Lets Users Exploit the API Autodesk Inventor 2010 is a 3D solid-modeling software package with a lot to offer. In fact, with every release the developer adds a new host of tools and enhancements. An often-overlooked tool is the application-programming interface (API
  • Motion Reference Guide: Software Keeps Linear-Stage Integration Straight
    on application and performance parameters. * Designers no longer need concern themselves with connectivity between diverse components. Software integration presented additional challenges. Complex application routines and custom configuration of individual components turned programming and debugging
  • C6Accel DSP Software Development Tool (.pdf)
    processors expressed a desire to leverage this DSP software using a programming interface that is familiar to them. C6Accel is an algorithm that contains a library of signal processing and math functions that can be accessed from the ARM. C6Accel simplifies the ARM user experience in leveraging the DSP
  • LabView turns twenty
    Anyone who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks has obviously never seen LabView. Mathscript combines textual math programming with graphical dataflow programming. It basically lets LabView work with m-script syntax and makes it easy to display variables, history window, and tabular

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