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...from complete implementation and protection against loss and counterfeiting to process documentation and verifiability. Ultrasonic measurement system detects tubing flaws. Available from LaserLinc Inc. (Fairborn, OH, USA;, the UltraGauge+ nondestructive ultrasonic measurement system...

Measurements". 23rd Annual Meeting of American Society of Lubrication Engineers, April 17-20, 1978. 10. Crispi, F.J., Maling, G.C., Jr. and Rzant, A.W., "Monitoring Microinch Displacements in Ultrasonic Welding Equipment", I.B.M. Journal of Research and Development, Vol. 10, No. 3, May, 1972. 11. Tallman...

...piezo transducer products is described in a products and services guide. Detailed information on ultrasonic transducers used in diagnostic equipment is included. Other available transducer types include imaging, therapy, high-intensity focussed ultrasound (HIFU), pulsed- and continuous-wave Doppler...

Seismometers. Silo Level. Smoke Detectors (Industrial). Solids Level. Strain Gauges. Tank Level Sensor. Temperature Gauges. Thermal Analysis. Thermal Conductivity Sensors. Thermistors. Thermocouples. Thermometers. Tilt sensor. Torque Sensors. Turbidity Sensors. Ultrasonic Sensor. Variometers. Vibrating...

Ultrasonic transducers Constructed from piezocomposite ceramic-polymer layers, ultrasonic transducers maintain a strong balance between bandwidth and sensitivity. The transducers operate over frequencies that range from 200 kHz to 17 MHz. Units can be supplied as single elements or as linear...

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Arduino playground - GPS
The circuit is very much like the first two stages of EFYMag February 2006 Ultrasonic Proximity Detector or Maxim App-notes on Proximity Detector.
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Sensors - Arduino Forum
Extreme data variation with MaxBotix Ultrasonic Rangefinder Sharp 20120x proximity sensor argon_boron
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Automotive Compilation Volume 7 December 2010 Contents Table...
Generation Key Fobs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Capacitive Proximity Detection in the Automotive Industry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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ultrasonic anemometer datasheets and application notes, data...
PIC16F690 LED project with assembly language Wireless sensing and controlling of any motor thr unidirectional microphone ultrasonic range meter IC

Electronic schematics on the web
Ultrasonic remote control & alarm system Proximity alarm Electronic lock Door knob alarm (PDF)

Vehicle Detector Evaluation

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Circuit detectors and sensors based electronics projects
Proximity detector circuit A very simple ultrasonic proximity detector circuit can be constructed using few external...

Circuit detectors and sensors based electronics projects
simple and useful ultrasonic parking sonar electronic circuit project can be designed using this schematic circuit . This ultrasonic parking sonar

Department of Energy Review Committee Report on the review of...
The NOA project consists of a Near Detector on the Fermilab site, a Far Detector located 700-800 kilometers (km) away in Northern Minnesota, and a

Mobile Autonomous Robot
The Robotics Renaissance Project Kiru Dajung and Junior
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