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Parts by Number for Projection Lamps Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SPBULBL90056 Global Industrial Ledu Corp. Not Provided Ledu Spbulbl90056 Replacement Bulb For Projection Lamp, 12 Watts
DEKDFW PLC Radwell General Electric Not Provided PROJECTION LAMP, POWER RATING 500 WATTS,
DDN PLC Radwell General Electric Lighting, Incandescent Bulb LAMP 20VOLT 200WATT QUARTZLINE PROJECTION
EWR PLC Radwell General Electric Lighting, Halogen Light PROJECTION LAMP 6.6AMP 23V 150WATT
1C820 PLC Radwell Grainger Lighting, Incandescent Bulb PROJECTION LAMP POWER RATING 500 WATT
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  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    -- and sell assets and exit some facilities. Lamp shortages could stunt microdisplay growth, says report Ongoing shortages of UHP-type lamps for projection products and projection TVs are not likely to ease even if lamp manufacturers increase production capacity, according to a report by market research firm
  • Wired 8.02: Must Read
    While filmmaking was transformed by digital editing, digital f/x, and digicams, film projection remained virtually unchanged: White light shined through colored celluloid to illuminate a screen. Texas Instruments' Digital Light Processing system dispenses with film altogether; the only element
  • SID - Society For Information Display
    to key consumer electronics partners. The NECSEL TM light sources have been designed to increase performance and reduce cost of microdisplay-based devices, including home theater front projectors and rear-projection TVs. "The NECSEL-532-500 is our first packaged green device aimed at the microdisplay
  • Society for Information Display New Products February 2003
    an innovative DLP Cinema head design that integrates with industry-standard lamp consoles and fits easily in any type of commercial theater projection booth. It provides SMPTE brightness on screens between 35 and 60 feet wide, and includes as standard an automated three-position lens turret system
  • SID - Society For Information Display
    for Projection TV for Samsung Electronics America. "With improvements in lamp life, picture stability, turn-on time and mercury free, the HL-S5679W launches a new era for DLP HDTVs. " The HL-S5679W operates longer and quieter than previously designed light-engine-based rear projection TV sets. The LED
  • ProFlux (R) in LCD Projectors
    the. New designs that eliminate this problem are being. conventional projection architecture with ProFlux™. developed by MOXTEK and our design partners. These. polarizers. Because the polarizer is reflective, some care. designs will be licensed to our customers under favorable. must be exercised