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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
0.9'PROJECTION LENS National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
BCXCA31 PLC Radwell Precision Projection Systems Not Provided LENS

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  • New, High Performance, Durable Polarizers for Projection Displays
    . solutions. 1288 • SID 01 DIGEST. 52.4 / C. Pentico. 4.2. Retro-Reflection for Electrodeless. Lamps. Electrodeless lamps for projection displays have recently been. developed3. Using the unique properties of a wire-grid polarizer. with an electrodeless lamp it should be possible to recycle the. Lens. Le
  • MICRO: 'Round the Circuit
    Nikon Precision says it has accelerated its development plans for argon fluoride (ArF) immersion lithography. The exposure tool supplier plans to ship a mass-production-type system with a "hyper-NA" projection lens (numerical aperture (NA) of >=1.0) by the second half of 2005, a schedule
  • MICRO: Sematech aims spotlight at breakthrough technology for spotting
    enable operators to characterize aberrations in the projection lenses for steppers and scanners. Because the tools are able to both identify the ability to image critical layers and reduce illuminator errors, one of the primary benefits is an improvement in production yields, Litel claims. One
  • Projector Design Tips
    two main modules: a condenser lens system and projection lens system. The condenser lens system evenly illuminates a slide; the projector lens system projects an image of the slide onto a screen. Each module can be built with simple components and methods, beginning with the thin lens equations below
  • MICRO: Tool Fab Support
    In the last 25 years, there has been dramatic progress in the pursuit of enhanced lithographic resolution, enabling continuous improvements in IC production. These advancements have been driven by reducing the exposure wavelength and increasing the projection lens numerical aperture (NA
  • MICRO: Products
    The Model 5200 PanelPrinter system performs advanced photolithography for large-area substrate applications that require 0.8 -4- um resolution. Fully integrated subsystems include a high-fidelity projection lens and illumination system, a precision x-y stage, an automated substrate-alignment system
  • Wired 8.02: Must Read
    it hits the surface of the Digital Micromirror Device (D). Once the DMD modulates the light, the image is reflected back down into the prism and shot through the projection lens, E. D Manufactured with the same lithographic process used to make silicon chips, the Digital Micromirror Device holds
  • Skew Ray Analysis
    in Figure 1. LCOS. I0. I1. I2. Projection Lens. P. A. ProFlux™. Flat PBS. Figure 3. A typical improper configuration for measuring. performance at discrete angles. ProFlux™. Color. Polarizer. Two potential sources of error are apparent with this. Processor. measurement setup. First, most polarization