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  • Inductor-Based Step-Up Switching Regulators
    transistor and transfers it to the output capacitors and load during the off time. The energy stored in the inductor during the on time is proportional to the inductor and the square of the input current; the energy is then transferred to the load during the off time. If the voltage source or battery
  • Sorting out pressure-compensated flow control
    are based on the principle that flow is proportional to pressure drop. By maintaining a fixed differential pressure across a restriction, the flow remains constant. In practice, the regulator requires two restrictions, one variable
  • Technical Article: Constant Voltage Transformer Operation
    and magnetic flux are proportional to the input and output voltage, respectively. This means that relatively large changes in input voltage result in small changes in output voltage: this being the fundamental purpose of an automatic voltage regulator.
  • Measurement of Continuous Surface Shear Stress Vector Distributions (.pdf)
    difference used to drive this flow was controlled by two pressure regulators in series, and its value was indicated by a calibrated gauge. It can be shown that the pressure difference (total - static) used to drive the jet is proportional to the shear stress.
  • Feedback Control of Computing Systems - Preface
    as well, including PID. (proportional -integral -differential) control tuning techniques. In the third chapter. we address state-space feedback control, including the application of pole placement. to MIMO systems and design using linear quadratic regulators. In the last. chapter we discuss a variety
  • Getting the Most from Coriolis Flowmeters in Pharmaceutical Processes
    , the information in this article will be applicable to operation of other brands of Coriolis flowmeter. Coriolis flowmeters measure mass flow directly by taking advantage of the Coriolis Effect. Simply stated, the inertial effects caused by a fluid flowing through a tube are directly proportional
  • Power-Supply Fundamentals
    constant voltage output, cost, efficiency, size, weight, and amount of ripple. find very limited use today, since the output dc voltage is proportional to the input ac voltage. Output voltage fluctuates in step with input variations as well as changes in load impedance. Also, ripple voltage can run
  • A Digital Constant Current Power LED Driver
    is A proportional-integral (PI) controller algorithm is used chosen to be 125 kHz. This frequency was chosen to regulate the LED current to a constant value. The PI based on the selected operating frequency of the MCU controller is executed at a rate of 976 Hz, leaving plenty and the resulting control

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  • Linear control and control theory
    443 8.5.2 regulator draft by mehrkomponentigen control inputs of 452 8.5.3 calculation of proportional regulators with aid of a linear algebraic system of equations (lag-draft).
  • Power electronics
    1531 a of ) proportional regulators and general case.
  • Control technique 1
    The thermostat valve acts like a proportional regulator .
  • Control technique 1
    The thermostat valve acts like a proportional regulator .
  • Control technique 2
    Many the hereinafter defined analysis and design methods deal with the state feedback or the output feedback although both are proportional regulators , that can guarantee no desired value sequence bekanntlich for sprungförmige direction and disturbing signals.
  • Control technique for engineers
    Further, it follows from the image 2.28 that a proportional regulator in the controlled state a deviation xm.R. of the working point X0 or of the desired value W leaves in this circuit.
  • Regulating technique
    All konnen are provided previously said groups with S gate value aufschaltung, but play in the practice this method particularly by the proportional regulator a roller., be A StorgroRe z every GroRe Anderung of which draws the control operation. " .
  • Practice knowledge of chemical engineering
    The proportional regulator , briefly P regulator called, e reacts to a change of the regulating difference with an immediate proportional change of the setting size y.