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  • Medical Device Link . Using Parylene for Medical Substrate Coating
    of therapeutic efficacy. In order to function properly and safely, medical components that are not intrinsically biostable must be protectively coated in a manner that does not adversely affect mechanical tolerances or other critical performance characteristics. Protective coating of a biomedical
  • Update on Low VOC Regulations for Protective Coatings (.pdf)
    The industrial painting sector faces a patchwork quilt of tightening environmental regulations governing potential volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from protective coatings. The tightening of the regulations presents both challenges and opportunities to coating formulators. Extreme
  • Thin Film Analysis using the Shimadzu UV-2600 and 5 Degree Relative Specular Reflectance Accessory
    Whether multiple or single anti-reflection (AR) coatings are applied to a substrate, it is of critical importance that the individual coatings be analyzed for film thickness prior to making a finished product. This note demonstrates measurement of a single protective coating on an acrylic substrate
  • Clarification of Paint and Other Protective Coatings
    The presence of undesirable insoluble impurities or oversize pigment agglomerates is a characteristic of many natural and synthetic gums, resins and pigments used as surface coating ingredients. An additional amount of contamination incidental to normal plant operation is frequently introduced
  • Stick Welding
    , creating a weld pool and depositing a consumable metal electrode into the joint. The electrode's protective coating also acts as a shielding gas, protecting the weld and ensuring its purity and strength. Best for windy conditions and adverse environments.
  • BBG Tech Tip #9: Solder Mask
    Solder mask or solder resist is like varnish or lacquer that is applied to the outside or top and bottom layers to form a permanent protective coating for the copper traces of a printed circuit board. The solder mask prevents solder from bridging between conductors that will create a short
  • Quality Control of Minidisk Polymer Topcoat Using Nano Scratch Tester and Tribometer
    Within the large range of magnetic recording media presently available on the market, most utilise a thin protective coating of some kind on their read/write surfaces. In the case of magnetic hard disk drives, for example, the protective coating is usually DLC with a thickness of only a few
  • Determination of Calcium in Water
    of calcium in water provide a thin protective coating on pipes and boilers. Utilizing the Iotron Calcium Electroide calcium ion concentration may be determined directly in the range of 2-10,000 ppm. Sample Preparation: Degas sample or deareate by bubbling nitrogen through it for 10 to 15 minutes at room

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