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  • Update on Low VOC Regulations for Protective Coatings (.pdf)
    The industrial painting sector faces a patchwork quilt of tightening environmental regulations governing potential volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from protective coatings. The tightening of the regulations presents both challenges and opportunities to coating formulators. Extreme
  • Clarification of Paint and Other Protective Coatings
    The presence of undesirable insoluble impurities or oversize pigment agglomerates is a characteristic of many natural and synthetic gums, resins and pigments used as surface coating ingredients. An additional amount of contamination incidental to normal plant operation is frequently introduced
  • Thickness of protective coatings on wristwatch dials
    In today's hectic world, there are few people who can do without a wristwatch. The importance of this "cultural companion" has also changed in recent decades. For some, it just tells the time, helping its wearer to structure daily routines. For others, however, it is jewellery made of precious
  • MW-IR Reflectance Inspection Through Organic Coatings
    and repainted. This process can be very expensive and time consuming, and results in the generation of air pollutants and process waste. A method was developed to detect the early onset of corrosion on metal substrates covered by protective coatings so that aircraft paints do not have to be stripped
  • Medical Device Link . Using Parylene for Medical Substrate Coating
    of therapeutic efficacy. In order to function properly and safely, medical components that are not intrinsically biostable must be protectively coated in a manner that does not adversely affect mechanical tolerances or other critical performance characteristics. Protective coating of a biomedical
  • Finishes and Coatings
    zinc. Corrosion products form a protective film on zinc and cadmium surfaces, but the film on cadmium will wash off in rain. Tin
  • Selecting Metallic Mirror Coatings
    Edmund manufactures a wide range of precision parabolic, spherical and flat mirrors in our own facility. These products are offered in a variety of metallic coatings to suit all your application requirements. Metallic coatings are delicate and, without a protective dielectric coating, require extra
  • Understanding Optical Properties for Epoxy Applications
    Optical or unfilled epoxy adhesives are commonly used for adhering various substrates,. encapsulating components and providing protective coatings in several optical. applications.

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