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  • Protocol Gateway for Monitoring and Automation
    DTI's Intel® Pentium® M processor based ETX module has been selected by the market leader in power line monitoring systems to be deployed in a next generation protocol converter application for power sub stations. Operating in extreme, islolated environments and operating temperatures ranging from
  • FieldServer Gateways Theory of Operation
    The FieldServer Gateway enables devices utilizing one protocol to interface to other devices and networks that utilize a different protocol. This paper describes the theory of operation for FieldServer gateways.
  • Easy Configuration-the Critical Factor in Choosing a Fieldbus Gateway
    and locate device faults. Therefore, an ideal Gateway should simplify the configuration while maintaining the benefits of each protocol. What Moxa Offers—Easy Configuration and Innovative Design. Easy configuration is one of the major benefits of Moxa's gateways. If you merely want to establish
  • One Gateway That Can Do It All (.pdf)
    , Fieldbus gateways were introduced. because of the need to convert between two different. protocols, and to create highly integrated systems with. extended transmission distances. Example 1: An EtherNet/IP PLC needs to use the DF1 protocol. to communicate with an HMI/SCADA system through a. gateway
  • AFDX/ARINC 664 Protocol (.pdf)
    system has gained such popularity that it is becoming the only control system used on new airliners. afdx_tutorial_wp_gft640a.indd GE. Intelligent Platforms. AFDX/ARINC 664. Protocol. Tutorial. Table of Contents. Chapter 1 Overview. 4. The Antecedents. 4. What is AFDX?. 4. Other Avionics Buses. 5
  • Monitoring Engine Temperature/Humidity in Storage Using a Modbus Gateway
    network. Users could select from the gateway 's 4 operation modes: Modbus Master, multiplexer, USBRS485 converter, and simple wireless RS485 extension. Additionally, a proprietary protocol based on IEEE 802.15.4 facilitated operation in Star mode, enabling the connection of several wireless segments
  • LocaNet IP Telephony Systems Count on SmartNode TM Gateways (A4)
    protocol. SmartNodes and. Redundancy features, SmartNode™. stacks are comparatively young. That. Patton-Inalp.”. gateways deliver sur vivable voice and. means they don’t yet cover the full set. Frank Ochmann, Sr. Technical Consultant, LocaNet. data communications to ensure conti-. of protocols
  • Paired Wireless Sensor / Wireless Gateway Demo Note -- using 2.4GH AIR module & Texas Instruments SimpliciTI software
    . Instruments SimpliciTI Network Protocol. Anaren Application Note: ANA-010-1. Revised / Updated: December 12, 2011. Introduction. The Anaren Paired Sensor / Gateway Demonstration shows several different facets of low-power wireless. communications in a single configurable demo package using very low-cost