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  • Vibrations and mechanical drive systems
    ...of the Hillschen differential equation is the Mathieusche differential equation that contains only a harmonious exciter function. Of the stable can the stability card given in [38], [113], [137], [191], [231], [232] and remove... The parameter main resonance occurs in the proximity of that angular velocity that corresponds to the double averaged own angular frequency ϖ of the vibrator therefore by η = Ω / ϖ = 2, also cf. Gl.
  • Sparsity-promoting optimal control of consensus and synchronization networks
    The graph Laplacian of the open-loop system Lp is obtained based on proximity of two nodes... (b) card (G) /card (Gc Fig. 3: Performance drop and the number of non-zero feedback gains for the exciter control.
  • Machine dynamics
    For a Duffing vibrator, such a parameter card is represented in [23] in which the existence regions... ...motion of a vibrator with linear attenuation, non-linear restoring force and harmonious exciter force reads as... For stationary vibrations one can for the amplitude the first to obtain Harmonischen a proximity solution.
    ...a person can be located if they are carrying an RFID-enabled ID card , as seen in... • RFID tag technology can be combined with chokepoint triggers ( Exciters ) to enable the use of proximity applications.
    The Tracking Subsystem proposed by John Smith consists of an Exciter Ranging Assembly (ERA) which is physically located in the proximity of the Block-V Exciter , a Receiver Ranging Assembly (RRA) which is physically located in the proximity of the Block-V... ...the future Tracking Subsystem, the ERA and the RRA will be reducd to a single card each.
  • Ecology of ticks as transmitters of pathogens in Baden-Württemberg and biological tick combating
    Thereto in parallel is flagged 1-mal per week in the proximity of these positions after ticks (respectively 24 flag trains à 10 m), insofar it to allow raging conditions and the substrate. In module 3 all the collected ticks of module 1 and 2 are examined for the occurrence of different exciters . Became first over thematic cards to the geology to the topography, to the soil types, to the...
  • 2013 Combined Author Index IEEE Industry Applications Society Publications
    ...Kofler, M., Pekarek, S., Howard, R.A., Taher, A., Mazzola, M.S., and Card , A.E., Time... ...and Yon, J. M., Design and Characteriza- tion of a Three-Phase Brushless Exciter for Aircraft Starter/Generator... Sep. 2013 1676-1681 Grobler, I, and Gitau, M N, Component proximity effects in high density and...
    ...a door sensor indicates a door is open but there is no associated card reader access or... The camera in closest proximity should ensure that it has a video record of the incident, and... By using passive RFID tags on physical assets and locating RFID exciters at the exits, it is...
  • Machine dynamics
    ...harmonious excitation the amplitude of (input) the movement (stationary response) the not proportional exciter amplitude, • itself... For its identification the terms like "Attraktor", "period doubling", "Poincare- card " are needed and cf. such... Allg. to be calculated only with proximity methods [5], [23].