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  • Effects of Harmonic Currents on Semiconductor Fuse Ratings
    In power electronic applications, proximity and skin effects cause an increase in the resistance of fuse elements and possible unequal sharing of the total current between multiple parallel elements. In this paper the current density distribution is calculated for typical arrangements of fuse
  • DeviceNet TM Power Guide (.pdf)
    [Table I] showing the current draw for each node and the segment it is. on. Also, determine the length of each segment. Segment A = 100 feet, B = 800 feet. Table I. Node Segment Current in mA Description. N 1. A. 115. FDNP-S0808G-TT (with 4 world clamp proximity sensors). N 2. A. 75. FDNP-XSG16-TT
  • Why Use Mechanical Torque Limiters in a Servo Drive System?
    field of mechatronics, a mechanical torque limiter allows for an integration of mechanical and electrical design. An electronic proximity switch can be positioned near an actuation mechanism which moves in the event of an overload. This system works well because the overload is detected
  • SCP-X Extreme Environment Power Supply (.pdf)
    . thermal sources is accomplished through ventilation of. A power supply’s size, proximity and protection from. the power supply into the enclosure. Together, these. the operating environment are emerging as significant. factors make a typical power supply enclosure fairly. engineering and cost issues
  • Ohio State Researchers Team Up For NASA Satellite
    and her colleagues is choosing and characterizing some of these calibration sites. One site is the McMurdo Dry Valleys, the largest ice-free area in Antarctica. The Dry Valleys make a good test site, Csatho said, because the area's proximity to McMurdo Station allowed researchers to collect precise
  • Applying Sensors and Cordsets in Welding Environments (.pdf)
    . arm maneuvers into place and welds in multiple locations around the vehicle. This causes sensors in proximity to the. weld fl ash to experience different degrees of exposure and vulnerability to the effects of the weld fl ash. Sensors are affected by the conditions resistance welding produces. Strong
  • Powering Mobile Backhaul Networks using Cell Site Power to Improve Network Reliability
    Cell Site. Problem. Because the backhaul equipment is often at the end of. The amount of backup power at the backhaul. a circuit, its lack of proximity to the maintenance center. equipment varies by company and sometimes by site. can make preventative truck rolls impractical. In fact,. Some carriers
  • Power Supplies in Medical Electronics
    , protection against fire and mechanical hazards. The degree of protection needed in any particular medical application is related to the proximity of equipment to the patient, equipment that is directly. applied to patients needing the highest specification with respect to isolation. We therefore

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