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  • Selecting proximity sensors for diverse applications
    sensors to meet the requirements of most applications. Proximity sensor technology. Proximity sensors are inherently noncontact detection devices. Unlike traditional sensors that require a mechanical switch, lever, or plunger to be pushed against the moving target to adequately register the presence
  • Sensors 101: Baumer Electric Basics
    by either flipping a switch or. wiring the sensor accordingly. The method in which light is emitted and delivered to the. 122 Spring Street, C-6. Southington, CT. 800.937.9336. 4. Sensors 101: Baumer electric basics. receiver is the way to categorize the different photoelectric
  • Medical Device Link .
    is to a plane, with the charge capacitively coupled to internal circuits. In Figure 1b, the discharge is to a wire or trace, which may cause a voltage drop along the wire itself, and the current may couple magnetically to adjacent wires. Electric field coupling is dominant in larger devices, but in smaller
  • Motion Control and Encoder Technology: A Tutorial
    processes, it is motion. Motion Control and Encoder Technology: A Tutorial. By Jeremy Jones, Lead Engineer, Encoders. Baumer Electric. Sensors and encoders are used everyday in manufacturing environments and high precision. equipment to monitor the proximity or presence of an object, as well
  • Opto Sensors - Typical Applications
    switch. Opto. Aleph Opto Sensor Application-Notes. Home. About Aleph. Marketing Contacts. Staff Contacts. Sales Offices and Distributors. Products. Reed Switches. Reed Relays. Passive Infrared Detectors. Photoelectric Beams. Opto Sensors. Proximity Sensors. Automotive Sensors. Level Sensors. Flow
  • Medical Device Link . Avoiding Common EMI Problems in Medical Electronics
    in coupling to adjacent circuits and structural elements. For example, the magnetic field from an open-flux-path inductor extends well beyond the boundary of the inductor itself, coupling to adjacent inductors, wires, and circuit-board traces. Electric field coupling also occurs from the high voltage side
  • Medical Device Link . The Impact of EMC Regulations on Medical Device Design
    installed, while Class B requirements apply to equipment that may operate in close proximity to radio and TV receivers, for example, systems for use in the home or in a patient room in a hospital. If a device generates electrical interference as part of its function, the manufacturer may be granted
  • Strain Gage Technical Data
    . Pressure Gauges. Pressure Switches. Displacement and Proximity Transducers. Dynamic Measurement. Valves, Regulators and I/P Converters. Flow & Level. What 's New in Flow & Level. Variable Area Flowmeters and Rotameters. Air Velocity Indicators & Wind Tunnels. Electronic Mass Flowmeters. Doppler
  • The Potential of Switched Reluctance Motor Technology for Electro-Mechanical Brake Applications (.pdf)
    is the temperature dependency of the. and motor position sensing. performance of any permanent-magnet motor. Due to. the motor’s physical proximity to the brake rotor in an. INTRODUCTION. EMB application, the overall change in motor operating. temperature can approach 200ºC, which translates into. Electro-mechanical
  • Dynamic Wire: Crimp Force Monitoring
    a charge when compressed. This phenomenon is known as the piezo-electric effect and is a sensing technology, commonly used in accelerometers for high-frequency acceleration and vibration monitoring. This charge is directly proportional to the force applied and can easily be converted to a voltage

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