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  • Interferometers-Image
    Interferometers - (109 companies)
    Interferometers measure distance in terms of wavelength and determine the wavelengths of light sources. They use two or more flat mirrors to split off or pick off beams from a light source such as a laser, lamp, or star. The beams are then combined...
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  • Optical Micrometers and Laser Micrometers-Image
    Optical Micrometers and Laser Micrometers - (72 companies)
    Laser micrometers measure extremely small distances using laser technology. Laser micrometers are used in both laboratory and production settings. In production setting, CCD or shadow based laser micrometers provide accurate results when gaging high...
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  • Optical Triangulation Position Sensors-Image
    Optical Triangulation Position Sensors - (72 companies)
    ...motions and have been successfully used in many demanding, high-precision measurement applications. Resolution can be determined by looking at the system's electrical noise. If the distance between the sensor and target is constant, the output...
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  • Linear Position Sensors-Image
    Linear Position Sensors - (744 companies)
    ...of photoelectric sensors. Ultrasonic sensors function by using the projection and detection of sound. The distance between the sensor and the target is calculated from an acoustic signal's return time and the propagation velocity of the measurement...
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  • Surface Profilometers-Image
    Surface Profilometers - (195 companies)
    ...profile. Although most surface profilometers provide only a two-dimensional (2-D) or line file, some instruments can provide three-dimensional (3-D) or areal topography measurements. Features. Surface profilometers differ in terms of measurement...
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    Distance Meters - (137 companies)
    ...and metric displays. Types of Measuring Tools. There are many types of tools that can be used to measure a distance. Distance meters are known for their high accuracy rate in recording measurement results. These tools are commonly used to determine...
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    Hygrometers and Humidity Measurement Instruments - (566 companies)
    Hygrometers and humidity measurement instruments test for absolute humidity, relative humidity, or dew point in air. The range humidity measurement instruments operate in is typically from 0 to 100% humidity. They are sometimes combined with other...
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    Measurement Microphones - (59 companies)
    Measurement microphones are most commonly condenser microphones, which convert sound pressure to an output that is then converted into a reading such as sound pressure level (SPL). Measurement microphones are most commonly condenser microphones...
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    Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) - (36 companies)
    Inertial measurement units (IMUs) determine location via integrated gyroscopes and accelerometers that detect the distance and direction traveled over a period of time. Inertial measurement units (IMU) are self-contained systems that measure linear...
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    Test, Inspection, and Measurement Software - (319 companies)
    Test, inspection and measurement software is used to design, automate and implement the testing of instruments and equipment, and the measurement of device parameters. Test, Inspection and Measurement Software Information. Test, inspection...
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...of triangulation. Light emitted from the sender hits the object and bounces back at an angle to the position-sensitive device (PSD). The PSD uses the angle of reflection and the position of the light spot to calculate the distance to the object. The OD can calculate down to 3 um. A version with a plastic...

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