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    Pressure Scanners - (5 companies)
    ...switched reference pressures. Electronic pressure scanners are an array of silicon piezoresistive pressure sensors, one for each pressure port, whose analog outputs are electronically multiplexed through a single onboard instrumentation amplifier... Learn More
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    Barcode Scanners - (596 companies)
    Other methods include a camera to see the code which is interpreted into the corresponding light and dark areas. Types. Barcodes scanners consist of a scanner, a decoder (either built-in or external), and a cable used to connect the reader... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Pressure Sensors - (1083 companies)
    ...or bellows. Diaphragm Pressure Sensor. Image Credit: Piezoelectric pressure sensors measure dynamic and quasi-static pressures. The bi-directional transducers consist of metalized quartz or ceramic materials which have naturally occurring... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Pressure Switches - (769 companies)
    ...a system. Pressure Switch Measurement. Choices for pressure switch measurement ranges include: Pressure reference. Image Credit: sensorsmag. Differential pressure switches give the relative pressure between two points. If both operating pressures... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Pressure Gauges - (1201 companies)
    Differential pressure is measured by reading the difference between the inputs of two or more pressure levels. The sensor must have two separate pressure ports; the higher of the two pressures is applied through the high port and the lower through the low... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Pressure Regulators - (1255 companies)
    ...only above atmospheric pressure. High pressure regulators are rated for inlet pressures higher than general purpose typically over 1000 psi. Low pressure regulators have special design characteristics for precise control of pressures typically below... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Image Scanners - (198 companies)
    Image scanners are devices that scan two-dimensional (2D) objects and convert them into digital images. They often use a charge-coupled device (CCD) or contact image sensor (CIS) as their imaging-sensing component. Most image scanners read red-green... Learn More
  • 3D Scanners - (50 companies)
    Scanners. Contact 3D scanner. Laser 3D scanner. Handheld scanner. Image Credit: Revware | Micro-Epsilon | Creaform. 3D Scanners use optical, laser, or other methods to capture 3-dimensional information about objects. The resulting data can be used... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Microarray Scanners - (18 companies)
    ...and to explore the genetic causes of many human diseases. Gene expression on a microarray chip. Image Credit: Dr. Leming Shi, Chipscreen Biosciences Ltd. Mircoarray Scanners. The mircoarray scanner or reader is the last step before analysis. The device... Learn More
  • Safety Laser Scanners - (24 companies)
    Safety Laser Scanners Information. Safety laser scanners are used to monitor activity within a dangerous work area. They can be used in stationary or mobile applications. A safety laser scanner is a safety device that provides high-level safety... Search by Specification | Learn More
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...leg(s) in an inline die or through the core tube in a crosshead die. High-pressure plant air must be decreased to useable pressure (usually 5 psi or less) and maintained accurately. In a bump tube system, the exhaust of the applied air is equally important. Sizing and cooling. There are two methods...

...the relative motion of the machine components to generate the pressure internally (hydrodynamic or "self-generating "). While hydrodynamic bearings are common for oil fluid film bearings, which generate internal pressures quite easily due to the relatively high viscosity of oil, it is much rarer...

...boards and miniaturized components with pneumatic outputs. Analytical applications for medical or chemical uses can be operated directly from most programmable controllers. The unit measures 2 x 1 x 5/8 in. and has a maximum operating pressure of 300 psi, with burst pressure of 1500 psi. Temperature...

...are available with pressure ranges 1.5 -10,000 psi. Three grades of performance --industrial, improved and premium --offer accuracies 0.2-0.04%. A choice of eight electronics boards provides a variety of outputs. GE Measurement & Control Solutions. 203/373 2211. SmallProx. R12575...

...accurate and responsive transducers are used, but that they are also properly sized (operating range) for the process. A 0 10,000-psi transducer used in a process location where the operating pressure range is 0 2500 psi will not provide the optimum resolution needed for proper process control...

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