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...specifications. Not. MODEL DESCRIPTION. only do the models cover voltage, current, and. resistance of the op amp, but it also covers the. Microchip’s op amp SPICE macro models were written. temperature and noise effects on the behavior of the op. and tested in Orcad's PSPICE 10.0 which is equivalent. amp...

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ON Semiconductor: Models
ESD9L5-0ST5G-LIB (0.0kB) 0 100 ESDR0544M PSPICE MODEL ESD5Z12.LIB (0.0kB) 0 100 PSPICE Model
See ON Semiconductor L.L.C. Information

ON Semiconductor: Models
ON Semiconductor provides many model types including SPICE, PSPICE, ISPICE and ORCAD. LIB Model For MMBT589LT1 MMBT589LT1.LIB (0.0kB)
See ON Semiconductor L.L.C. Information

How to use .lib and .olb in PSPICE
How to use .lib and .olb in PSPICE How to use .lib and .olb in PSPICE How to use .lib and .olb in PSPICE I am using PSpice 9.1 Student Version.

Application Brief 115 - An OrCAD PSPICE Library For The VIP10?...
has an OrCAD Capture library ADC (nationalhighspeed.olb) and PSPICE LMH6622 (nationalhighspeed.lib) model library for the 1 : N HYBRID TELEPHONE LINE

Application Note 1255 An OrCAD PSPICE Library for the VIP10...
VIP10 VIP10 1255 OrCAD PSPICE Barry Yuen 2005 9 SPICE VIP10 O r C A D C a p t u r e n a t i o n a l h i g h s p e e d . o l b P S P I C E

Can I creat a .lib file with pspice data - OrCAD Community
Can I creat a .lib file with pspice data Basic PSpice

Error: Can't find library .lib "nom.lib". - OrCAD...
Error: Can't find library .lib "nom.lib". Basic PSpice

STMicroelectronics - Power MOSFETs - Related Information -...
STB70N10F4 PSpice model (.lib) STD70N10F4 PSpice model (.lib) STW70N10F4 PSpice model (.lib) Key features

Simulation and Development Tools - STMicroelectronics
Diodes Models (OrCAD .lib & .olb format) Thyristors & AC Switches models (OrCAD .lib & .olb format)

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors - Directory Listing
PSpice Libraries Home / Application Support / PSpice Libraries / ?M=D Electrical Simulation

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