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  • An evolutionary optimized nonlinear function to improve the linearity of transducer characteristics
    … the presented algorithm, it is applied to three different transducers, namely a RTD ( Pt100 with temperature coefficient … The functionality and performance of the signal conditioning circuits shown in figures 2 and 3, respectively, have been simulated and confirmed using Virtuoso Spectre Circuit Simulator software package (Version 5.1.41) of Cadence.
  • LISA: Mars and the limits of life
    Decrease of Temperature in the differ- ent portions of the Simulator We measured with several PT100 sensors the temperature of the reservoir, the dish and the vessels, at … The goal temperature selected was -80 ◦ C, maintained by the feedback cir- cuit (valve+electric resistance).
  • Computing, Control and Industrial Engineering IV
    The simulator was consisted of LCD, LED, electric relay and controller STM8, and ten channels of PT100 resistance signal output, two channels of frequency signal, type K thermocouple and 4-20mA electric current signal output. The alarm status such as transducer fault, system circuit break, high temperature alarm, shutdown alarm, frequency of …
  • FPGA implementation of an emulator for Wireless Sensor Node with Pt100 temperature sensor
    … John M. Espinosa-Duran, Jaime Velasco-Medina- “Hardware Emulation of Quantum Fourier Transform” Circuits and Systems (LASCAS … … Teknologi PETRONAS Bandar Seri Iskandar, 31750 Tronoh, Perak, Malaysia-“ A Survey of Simulators , Emulators and Testbeds … … Provincial College of Communications Shenyang, China-“ A Temperature Measurement System Based on PT100 ”,2010 International …
  • Intercomparison measurement of crystalline silicon PV modules in test laboratories of China
    … many laboratories in China do not cut the backsheet for attaching thermocouple or Pt100 sensor on the … After measurement, each laboratory provides the I-V curve, short circuit current (Isc), open circuit voltage (Voc … The additional information of classification of solar simulator , measuring equipment and parameters corrections are not necessary for …
  • Stabilization of electrical parameters of thin-film modules under controlled conditions
    The change of the open- circuit voltage of CI(G)S modules is expected to be reversible … The steady-state solar simulator consists of six HMI lamps and reaches the class BBB. The irradiance in the module plane is measured by a pyranometer and Pt100 sensors are attached to …
  • High Concentrator Photovoltaics
    In fact, the influence of Tc on the open- circuit voltage of HCPV modules has also been studied indoors with the use of sun simulators , and an almost perfect fit to the linear behavior has been observed [9]. A small PT100 sensor was placed inside the module close to one of the solar cells for …
  • Polymer Photovoltaics: A Practical Approach
    … 100 mW cm−2 (AM 1.5) simulated white light from a Steuernagel Solar Con- stant 575 simulator . The temperature of the polymer het- erojunction, measured using a thermocouple ( Pt100 ) mounted on the ITO substrate … … factor but the overall efficiency decreased due to a decrease in both open- circuit voltage and short …
  • Analysis and mitigation of measurement uncertainties in the traceability chain for the calibration of photovoltaic devices
    … also easily be used on the Spectrolab (mobile Pasan load); however, on this simulator the original electronic … … to in-house constructed transimpedance amplifiers, which maintain the reference cell under short circuit condition while the … The temperatures of the reference device and the PV device are measured by PT100 sensors attached to …
  • Development of fluorocarbon evaporative cooling recirculators and controls for the ATLAS inner silicon tracker
    Around 60kW of heat will be removed through -400 parallel cooling circuits . A thermal simulator of 22 individually powered barrel SCT silicon strip modules is used as a variable … Each module is monitored with a PT100 .