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  • Brief Introduction of PTC Thermistor
    Thermistor can be classified into 2 category, PTC thermistor and NTC thermistor, according to its resistance-temperature characteristics. PTC, abbreviation of Positive Temperature Coefficient. NTC, abbreviation of Negative Temperature Coefficient. PTC thermistor is classified into 2 type
  • Hot tips on IC temp sensors
    a positive temperature coefficient (PTC). A PTC means resistance rises as the temperature climbs. Other materials may have a negative temperature coefficient (NTC). The resistance of NTC material falls as the temperature climbs. The most common device used to sense temperature is the thermistor
  • PPTC Design Considerations for Automotive Circuits
    and overloads. Current limiting can be accomplished by using a resistor, fuse, switch or PTC (positive temperature coefficient) device. Resistors are rarely an acceptable solution because an expensive high-power resistor is usually required, although they are used occasionally for very low power loads
  • Fundamentals of Resettable Functionality in PPTC Devices
    due to excessive current or heat is the primary function of many circuit protection technologies. In the past, this protection took the form of a fuse or fusible link, but in many of today's applications resettable devices such as polymeric positive temperature coefficient (PPTC) devices, ceramic PTC
  • Thermistors in Single Supply Temperature Sensing Circuits
    , such as. cient (NTC) and Positive Temperature Coefficient. changes in the velocity of air flow across the sensor. (PTC). The NTC thermistor is best suited for precision. temperature measurement. The PTC is best suited for. Current-Over-Time Mode. switching applications. This application note will only
  • Thermistor Glossary
    expressed in amperes (A), that, when conducted by a standard PTC thermistor, is required to cause it to switch to its high resistance state. Mini-Sensor™: Mini-Sensor™ is the trademark name for RTI miniature glass encapsulated thermistors. Negative temperature coefficient (NTC): A NTC thermistor is one
  • Protecting the Universal Serial Bus from Over Voltage and Overcurrent Threats (.pdf)
    to USB-Powered Hub. circuitry.The traditional fuse and the. Power. Polymer-based PTC (positive temperature. Adapter. coefficient) device are the most common. Monitor. Understanding differences between these. two components facilitates choosing the best. Power. USB Port. protection device for a specific
  • Circuit Protection of USB 2.0 (.pdf)
    power line can. be dealt with effectively by the polymer-based PTC (Positive. Temperature Coefficient) device. The PTC reacts to an. excessive current by changing to a high impedance state. • The PTC’s ability to reset itself, after the power source. is removed, ensures its effectiveness in plug

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