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  • Why are Rod End and Spherical Bearings Teflon-lined?
    A PTFE (Du Pont trademarked product) liner in a spherical bearing or rod end is a component that allows the unit to be "self-lubricating". Metal on metal bearings need to be lubricated. In certain applications this can be difficult to accomplish. Grease lubrication attracts dirt and may prematurely
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    and temperature stability. (Tempe, AZ) offers a porous PTFE that is 100% virgin and produced in a Class 10,000 cleanroom. The company has developed a line of microbore ePTFE and PTFE tubing and rod. Tubing sizes range from a 0.0366-in.
  • Direct-bond bearings challenge inserts
    , air cylinders, gas springs, solenoids, valve shuttles, small pumps, servomotors, and hydraulic and mechanical actuators. Bearings made of glass and bronze-filled PTFE or nylon go in machined bores and housings and are held in place by press fits, snap rings, staking, or pins. Most of the bearing
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    and unreinforced formulations. Delrin AF shapes are manufactured with 13% fibrous PTFE, enhancing friction and wear properties. The products are stress relieved, allowing close tolerances and stable dimensions upon machining. Sustaplast (Edgewood, NY; 800/832-6787), whose line of plastics also includes acetal
    lined Teflon (PTFE) valves in DuPont Dow Elastomers' Pontchartrain plant, La Place, La., were prone to failure when 18 C liquid chloroprene permeated the Teflon lining and made it swell. But new butterfly valves made with Teflon NXT resist absorption of chloroprene and a whole host of other caustic