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  • Bicycles/Maintenance and Repair/Cables and Housings - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
    That is to say, although flexible, a housing behaves as if were a rigid conduit, and the overall cable pull is noted only at the housing's end, where the brakes or derailleur are located.
  • Main Design Factors and Unified Software Structure for Cable Puller and Caliper Integrated Type Electric Parking Brakes
    The only difference is that the screw in the cable type actuator will act to pull the parking cable to activate the DIH (drum-in-hat) parking brake while the screw in the caliper type actuator will push the caliper piston directly …
  • Volkswagen Passat
    … Automotive Solar sunroof Webasto Sunroof ArvinMeritor Tailgate handle for limousine only Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst … … system Valeo Trunk release cables Dura Washer/wiper pumps & … … panels (Emden) Peguform Door pull handles Your Solution (OLHO … … Magna Donnelly Electronic park brake TRW Automotive Extrusion for …
  • Renault Trucks Defense VAB ECH repair vehicle
    … Vertical obstacle forwards 0.5 19.7 reverse Trench 1 39.4 6 x 6 only Turning radius Engine narrative … … Steering Clutch model type Brakes main parking engine front … … Capacity Main winch max pull max winding speed cable length cable diameter Auxiliary …
  • Human Interaction with Machines
    The commercially available CyberGrasp from Im- mersion restricts motion by pull cables with brakes on their distant end. Other devices can only exert forces in one direction.
  • Caravan Active Braking System- Effective Stabilisation of Snaking of Combination Vehicles
    That is why hydraulic braking systems are not common in trailers or caravans, being only used when there are high braking capability requirements. MECHANICAL ACTUATION Currently most caravan brakes are actuated by an overrun- cable mechanism, which uses the caravan inertia to pull a cable that, by means of a wedge, activates the drum trailer brakes.
    Some gliders are equipped with a reliable dive brake to increase drag force and control posture while … However, hang gliders could not be equipped such a complicated system, so pilots pull back the cables hard which connect the wingtips when they only have a couple meters left.
  • A New Approach to Humanitarian Demining
    manual mode, the motor is off and the pilot can still pull the throttle cable by the throttle lever (on the buggy handle) without any restriction. The same principle is applied in the rear- brake mechanism, with differences only in force (550 N including internal spring) and actuator (12 W, 24 V DC, reduction ratio 66:1).
  • WNGlosses (\
    … boxers_N|6 pleat_N|8 bedspring_N|1 closed_loop_N|2 structural_member_N|11 crank_V|12 boring_N|3 appliance_N|16 steady_V|2 square-rigged_J|9 tonic_J|12 restorative_J|2 archery_N|3 fencing_N|2 awl_N|4 brad_N|2 curtain_N|20 piston_N|20 brake_pad_N|3 brakes_N|5 brake_shoe_N|2 come_in_V|10 brake_drum_N|2 brake_disk_N|1 brake_cylinder_N|1 brake_lining_N|1 hydraulically_R|1 brake _V|1 railway_line_N|2 trunk_line_N|2 funnel … … woodwork_N|7 cabinetmaker_N|2 television_system_N|6 optical_J|20 cable _railway_N|1 storage_space_N|6 buffer_storage_N|1 update_V|7 … … soft_drug_N|2 euphoric_J|3 automatic_gun_N|3 firecracker_N|5 entrails_N|2 umbrellalike_J|3 cockpit_N|3 recreation_room_N|3 peavey_N|1 cantilever_N|2 saddle_seat_N|2 crinkled_J|4 crepe_N|4 crepe_de_chine_N|1 oil_painting_N|3 headdress_N|10 stable_gear_N|7 warhorse_N|1 amputation_N|3 stump_N|5 capillary_action_N|3 government_building_N|11 washington_N|61 united_states_senate_N|5 house_of_representatives_N|1 legislature_N|21 bottle_opener_N|2 pry_V|2 pull _over_V|2 overcoat_N|5 weigh_anchor_V|1 capoten_N|1 … … alone_J|1 television_set_N|4 thereafter_R|2 read- only _memory_N|3 compact_disk_N|2 access_V|10 cd …
  • Computationalism and the causal role of content
    I move my hand, causing my break lever to move, which causes a cable to be pulled , which causes my brakes to squeeze my tire, and my bicycle wheel to slow down. … the temperature of my hand can be relevant to the wheel slowing down only if it's relevant …
  • Four years of good SpeX
    Unfortunately, the telescope instrument rotator, to which all instruments bolt, was left with only one of its four brakes locked after use the previous night. When the telescope was slewed to the first star at the beginning of the next night, the rotator slipped, tensioning the shortest cable to the cryostat, before pulling off the cable connector’s one-inch diameter vacuum seal.