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  • Cable Diameter Related to Pulley or Sheave Diameter
    = .160", which should be the pulley groove dimension.  . As a manufacturer, we can build custom products to meet your requirements. If you are looking for something that you can not find on our site, please Contact a Product Manager or Send an Inquiry about manufacturing your custom design. AIRCRAFT
  • Dimensions & Tolerances for Flat Keys & Keyways per JIS B 1301:1996
    When designing a drive system, the use of keys and keyways to transmit torque from the drive shaft to the gear/pulley/sprocket/coupling is common. Enclosed is a table detailing the standard metric keys and keyway sizes and their corresponding tolerances. ./cd745f57-19b8-4dd3-be27-09d33d66597f
  • Timing Belt Pulleys: 3/8
    . Lightweight & Strong. Low Inertia. Cost effective. Noise reduction. Shock and Chemical Resistant. Natural lubricity. XL & L Timing Belt Pulley Pitch Selection Guide (pdf). L Series, 3/8 " Pitch Timing Pulley Dimensions. Part NumberNumberOfTeethPitchDia.OutsideDia.+/- .005FlangeDia.HubDia.Standard BoresTypePulley
  • Timing Belt Pulleys: 1/5
    Belt Pitch Selection Guide (pdf). Untitled Document. XL Series, 1/5" Pitch Timing Pulley Dimensions. Number. Of. Teeth. Pitch. Dia. Outside. Dia. +/- .005. Flange. Dia. Hub. Dia. Pulley No. Flange. Code*. Standard Bores. Type. 1/4. 5/16. 3/8. 1/2. 5/8. 3/4. 10XL037. 11XL037. 12XL037. 13XL037. SF, DF
  • Mounting Sprockets and Pulleys on Pilot Style Clutches - Considerations & Guidelines (.pdf)
     1:  Dimensions Needed for Determining Adequate Chain Clearance.  .  . s   .  .  .  .  .  . .                                                                         4 . Load  .  . To properly mount a sprocket or pulley on the pilot of a clutch, the chain or belt load must be taken
  • Timing Belt Pulleys: 8mm Pitch
    to maintain. Energy savings. 8mm Belt Pitch Selection Guide (pdf). HTD, 8mm Pitch Timing Pulley Dimensions. Part NumberNumberOfTeethPitchDia.OutsideDia.+/- .005FlangeDia.HubDia.Standard BoresTypePulley No.FlangeCode*1/25/83/41P14-8M-20P18-8M-20P22-8M-20P24-8M-20P26-8M-20P28-8M-20SF, DFSF, DFSF, DFSF
  • Timing Belt Pulleys: 5mm Pitch
    to maintain. Energy savings. 5mm Belt Pitch Selection Guide (pdf). HTD, 5mm Pitch Timing Belt Pulley Dimensions. Part NumberNumberOfTeethPitchDia.OutsideDia.+/- .005FlangeDia.HubDia.Standard BoresTypePulley No.FlangeCode
  • Timing Belt Pulleys: 3mm Pitch
    belts. Small, light drives. Minimal belt tension required to prevent slippage. Minimal backlash. No lubrication required - easy to maintain. Energy savings. 3mm Belt Pitch Selection Guide (pdf). HTD Pitch Timing Pulley Dimensions, 3mm. Part NumberNumberOfTeethPitchDia.OutsideDia.+/- .005
  • Basic Belt Design Criteria
    to be a timing, flat, poly-v, or v-belt, and what will be the final dimensions of the belt? The belt speed, pulley diameters, and the desired top and bottom coefficients of friction are also critical considerations, as well as environmental concerns like heat, oil, chemicals, and product pollution.
  • Engineering Tools
    Distance. It can also calculate the center to center distance given the Berg Belt length and the pitch diameters of the Berg sprockets. Currently only for two sprockets. Please Select Your System: Two Pulley System. Three Pulley System. Please Enter In The Data: Here Is The Output: Belt Horsepower

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