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Parts by Number for Pulse Current Transformer Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
PB0025NL Mouser Electronics, Inc. Pulse Electronics Corporation Signal Transformers 35 A CURRENT SENSE TRANSFORMER
P8208NLT Perfect Parts Corporation Pulse Electronics Corporation Signal Transformers 10 A CURRENT SENSE TRANSFORMER
P0581 Perfect Parts Corporation Pulse Electronics Corporation Board Mount Transformers 34 A CURRENT SENSE TRANSFORMER
2877   Pearson Electronics, Inc. Signal Transformers pulse-current monitoring of rise times as short as two nanoseconds. Our current sensor devices of larger inner diameter make possible high voltage current measurement without the risk of voltage breakdown. Several of our current transformer models feature double shielding for greater noise immunity...

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    . The Pulse Inductance is affected by the pulse conditions used for the test. ET Volt-Microsecond Constant. The primary ET Constant is the product of the voltage (E) applied across the primary winding and the time (T). for the magnetizing current to reach 1.5 times its linear extrapolated value
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    hand, the voltage (current) function grows. without bound over time, the average value is. This vessel is insulated and filled with some stable. dependent on the measurement interval and will not. liquid (transformer oil for example) capable of. necessarily be constant, i.e. no average value exists