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Parts by Number for Pulse Function Generator Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
8116A/PULSE/FUNCTION GENERATOR 50 MHZ National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
114 PLC Radwell Tektronix Test Equipment, Signal/Function/Puls Generator PULSE GENERATOR
145 PLC Radwell Wavetek Test Equipment, Signal/Function/Puls Generator GENERATOR PULSE/FREQUENCY
218 PLC Radwell Systron Test Equipment, Signal/Function/Puls Generator PULSE GENERATOR 218 DATA
K650MP PLC Radwell Vexta Test Equipment, Signal/Function/Puls Generator PULSE GENERATOR REDUCERGEAR HEAD 3.6:1
HD52A PLC Radwell Sansei Elect Test Equipment, Signal/Function/Puls Generator GENERATOR MANUAL PULSE
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Conduct Research Top

  • Sleep Mode For Function Generators
    a. output frequency of the function generator and the frequency. narrow pulse. The width of the pulse can be adjusted by. of the crystal oscillator, the 16-bit data word to the shift reg-. changing the value of C . The output of Q6 is used to. ister input can be calculated from the formula below. D. F
  • A Simple Circuit for Driving Microcontroller Friendly PWM Generators
    . GOTO. $+1. GOTO. loop. ;infinate loop. DECF. pointer,f. ;add a pulse. DECF. pointer,f. The soft-start function is generated by ramping up the. DECF. pointer,f. number of output pulses. At start-up, a single pulse is. DECFSZ. counter,f. ;decrease delay. followed by a long delay. Next, 2 pulses
  • A New Breed of VXIbus Microwave Signal Generator Architecture (.pdf)
    Microwave signal generators perform their frequency generation function by employing any number of direct and/or indirect frequency synthesis technologies.Frequency synthesis may be defined as a process by which a set of frequencies with predefined upper and lower bounds may be generated from
  • Automated Control of Amplified Pulse Duration Using the Dazzler TM / DazScope TM Solution (.pdf)
    system, including RF generator,. acousto-optic birefringent crystal (detailed on the right), and dedicated. generate transform-limited pulses. As a result, these errors. software. need to be accurately corrected in order to access the shortest. possible pulse at a given spectral bandwidth. 1
  • Comparing Advanced Harmonic Filters with Traditional Multi-Pulse Solutions
    The term "harmonics" has often been used in connection. with variable frequency drives. But what are harmonics. anyway?. Microsoft Word - AHF vs.18-pulse article US version.doc Comparing the Danfoss Harmonic Filter AHF 005 and AHF 010 with traditional. multi-pulse solutions. Abstract: 5
  • Industrial encoder integrates bearing and sensor functions
    for automotive ABS applications, eliminates the need for an extra gear-tooth sensor or rotary-pulse generator. Simple bolt-on installation requires no extra brackets or couplings, and the air gap reportedly can't go out of adjustment. The sensors are built on Fafnir Survivor PT bearing platforms, which
  • Measure Angles on Rotating Systems with High Resolution
    and in this approach Hall sensors are of specific interest. The principal is well known and different sensors have been used in the automotive and measurement equipment successful for a number of years. Most applications use Hall sensors as simple switches, pulse generators, or field sensors. The system
  • DC/DC CONVERTER Output Ripple & Noise
    DC/DC switching power converters are natural. generators of noise. There are two types of. noise: conducted noise and radiated noise. which are present at the fundamental switching. frequency of the power converter and its higher. order harmonics. In general, power converters using Pulse Widht