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Parts by Number for Pulsed Laser Diode Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
VFL-25 Allied Electronics, Inc. JONARD INDUSTRIES Not Provided Visual Fault Locator w/2 AAA Cells; CW or Pulsed Mode; Class IIIA Laser Diode
SPLPL85 Newark / element14 OSRAM Not Provided OSRAM - SPLPL85 - LASER DIODE; PULSED; 850NM
SPLLL85 Allied Electronics, Inc. OSRAM OPTOSEMICONDUCTOR Not Provided Hybrid Pulsed Laser Diode, 14 W, 850 nm

Conduct Research Top

  • High Density Pulsed Laser Diode Arrays for SSL Pumping (.pdf)
    This work contains an overview of the manufacturing process, as well as representative data for 5-, 10-, and 20-bar arrays. Near-field and power vs. current data is presented in each case. Power densities approaching 15 kW/cm2 are presented. In addition, power and wavelength are presented as a
  • Synthesis of (SrLaF)FeAs superconducting films by pulsed laser deposition
    We have tried to prepare superconducting (SrLaF)FeAs thin films by the photo excited pulsed laser deposition (PE-PLD). The. excitation of As Sr and La atoms are observed in the luminescence spectra of the ablation plum during the deposition. The peak. intensities due to above excitations become
  • Interfacing Pulsed Power Systems to Switching Power Supplies
    range from large single shot capacitor banks to high pulse rate laser systems. This paper will discuss issues in interfacing switching power supplies to pulsed power systems. Simple protection networks can be used to avoid damage to power supplies in normal operation and in fault situations. Design
  • Pulse Testing of Laser Diodes
    (typically, <1µ and <1% duty cycle), the laser diode's average power. dissipation has minimal thermal effects. Nevertheless, it has been found that laser diodes with poor pulsed L-I-V. performance may pass non-pulsed DC testing. These faulty devices often cause. high bit error rates in LDMs used
  • 3 Approaches to Using High Power Diode Laser to Join Thermoplastics (.pdf)
    of the. cycle time required for completing a weld. The part is. optics), the size of the laser spot at the weld interface, and. positioned beneath the laser diode modules, and an. the travel speed of the laser. external clamping pressure is applied. The diodes are. turned on, and the weld is achieved
  • Phase Conjugate Laser Optics - Preface
    years are the increase in laser output power or. pulse energy by orders of magnitude due to the introduction of the. diode pumping of the gain media. This technology also led to a. remarkable improvement of the electrical to optical efficiency as. well as compactness and reliability of the sources
  • Fiber Laser Welding of Clear Plastics
    are essentially low duty cycle pulsed units. The refinement of laser welding of plastics known. They also have low wall plug efficiency and high. as the Clearweld™ technique is starting to be. operating costs. Laser welding of plastics started. used in association with laser welding and is. to gain wider
  • Instrumenting DWDM Laser Diode Production Tests
    is emitted perpendicular to the wafer surface. Edge emitting laser diodes must be cleaved from the wafer, but can. be left in a strip (also called a bar) that contains a single row of several devices. The front and back edges of this diode array. are coated to form optically reflective interfaces. The back

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