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...sterilization cycles on adhesives, cyanoacrylate-bonded assemblies were subjected to multiple autoclaving cycles. Each cycle involved a pre-evacuation of air from the chamber, followed by immersion in pure steam at 270 F for 6 minutes. After 100 autoclaving cycles, polycarbonate assemblies bonded...

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    Thus, the sample was not a mixture of maleic anhydride and PP resin but a pure PP-g-MA copolymer.
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    The emphasis purely lacktechnisch hetrachtet still lies off in the region the really physically resinous products the phenol... ...urea-aldehyde resins, therefore in the region of the condensation resins, appear so that that resin and Kopalsfiureester, the Maleins~iureester , the Phthals~iureester, however the...
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    The gelation time of Cicoil (perma- nently liquid oiticica oil) alone and in admixture (70:30) with modified phenolic or maleic resins of high or low soften- ing points... ...temperature of 280-90 ~ With a pure oil reactive phenolic resin...
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    ...reports regarding the use of rosin maleic anhydride and acrylic acid in polymer synthesis [1–3], a mixture of rosin, maleic anhydride and acrylic acid... ...used and not the pure adduct of rosin acrylic... ...of alkyl and polyester resins or as a paper...