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...sterilization cycles on adhesives, cyanoacrylate-bonded assemblies were subjected to multiple autoclaving cycles. Each cycle involved a pre-evacuation of air from the chamber, followed by immersion in pure steam at 270 F for 6 minutes. After 100 autoclaving cycles, polycarbonate assemblies bonded...

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  • Patent-part
    The emphasis purely lacktechnisch hetrachtet still lies off in the region the really physically resinous products the phenol... ...urea-aldehyde resins, therefore in the region of the condensation resins, appear so that that resin and Kopalsfiureester, the Maleins~iureester , the Phthals~iureester, however the...
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    The gelation time of Cicoil (perma- nently liquid oiticica oil) alone and in admixture (70:30) with modified phenolic or maleic resins of high or low soften- ing points... ...temperature of 280-90 ~ With a pure oil reactive phenolic resin...
    In the present investigation, pure linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE 100), LLDPE 80 (80 wt % LLDPE &... ...LLDPE, 20 wt % PLLA and 4 parts compatibilizer (grafted low density polyethylene maleic anhydride) per hundred parts of resin ) films of size 80×25...
  • Calorimetric analysis of the graft polymerization of maleic anhydride onto liquid polybutadienes
    Moreover, the maleinization in the presence of a radical initiator as DCP yielded higher enthalpy values than pure thermal reaction increasing with maleic anhydride content, but the exothermal peaks due to maleinization and crosslinking are partially overlapped. ...the use of a radical initiator seems to be unreliable for the preparation of maleinized polybutadiene resins .