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  • Measurement and Control of Compressed Air Systems (.pdf)
    ; or as a purge gas. The compressed air supply will contain some moisture which, if uncontrolled, could potentially cause damage to the process, pneumatic controls, tooling, finished product, or indeed the components of the air distribution system itself.
  • Medical Device Link .
    A centrifuge improves process control by purging silicones, epoxies, and other medium- to high-viscosity fluids of bubbles and air pockets that can affect shot-to-shot consistency in critical medical device assembly processes. The ProcessMate 5000 can be used with vendor-packaged or user-loaded
  • New Gas Sensors Simplify Power Plant Leak Detection
    as purity is maintained above 90%. Analytical equipment is used to measure and control h2 purity, as well as measure CO2, which is used to purge the generator of air during start-up, and purge the hydrogen during shutdown. This prevents the formation of a flammable mixture. Direct h2 cooling systems
  • MICRO: Tool/Fab Automation
    , hoping to control the air environment of enclosed wafers. This article summarizes recent efforts to explore the benefits of storing wafers in purged containers. The study described in the article focused on gate oxide storage conditions and on the impact of organic contamination originating from
  • MICRO:April 98:Product Technology News
    and to prepare the surface before photoresist application. The system can also be used as a quality control tool. Computerized measurement eliminates operator subjectivity that can cause misreads. The panel is placed on a large x-y stage and moved into the desired position. A computer-controlled droplet
  • In Situ Oxidation of Steels as an Effective and Economical Pretreatment for Uniform and Consistent Vacuum Gas Nitriding Results
    A vacuum-purge gas nitriding furnace was modified to develop a process and a furnace enhancement to produce a controlled in situ oxide layer on the surfaces of steel parts using various oxidation techniques. The process is an effective alternative to conventional grit blasting of materials
  • Change seals without stopping equipment
    fully split, so they can be installed and rebuilt without removing bearings or the drive. Seal face pressures are fully adjustable, so there are no internal springs to loosen due to seal face wear, or to corrode in hostile environments. All adjustment hardware is outside the seal's purge cavity, so
  • Better Process Protection with Automated Gas Monitoring/ Purification
    ]. Impurities in process tools can be a result of poor gas quality, gas distribution leaks, virtual leaks (a trapped contaminant that outgases over time), inadequate purge procedures, and inadvertent system breaches. Process gas purification - whether at the source, in the gas manifold, or at the point
  • Use of OWL (T)
    in the black liquor increases. This can cause a dramatic rise in the fouling rate of the boiler and has the potential to accelerated corrosion. The most common means of removing NPE from the liquor cycle is to purge ElectroStatic Precipitator (ESP) catch. Other processes designed to control NPE include

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