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  • How to Determine the Right Fiber Optic Network Backup Switch for Your Application (.pdf)
    pushbuttons. This is a simple point and click operation. B. What type of connector or port preference? The selection of connectors include. ST, SC, LC, ESCON and others. i. ST connectors use a plug and socket that is locked in place with a half-twist bayonet lock. ii. SC connectors feature a push-pull
  • Design Considerations to Meet the Urgent Demand for Miniaturization of Electronics in Military Applications
    , grime and wea-. ther, but should be small, light, and easy to use in tense situations. Connections must be made in frac-. tions of a second, and often, they have to be made when wearing gloves, favoring push-pull connector. designs that lock instantly rather than requiring twists. Communications
  • Medical Device Link .
    shaft and lock nut, the 61 model measures 16 mm with a 27-mm-diam actuator. Accessories include emergency-stop labels and enclosure boxes.EAO, Milford, CT; Copyright (C)2004 Medical Product Manufacturing News. Suppliers Archived Articles Entire Site Search Try Our
  • Medical Device Link .
    retention for quick setup or changeover. The Masterflex L/S Easy-Load 3 pump head from The Barnant Co. (Barrington, IL; includes a "twist-lock " mounting feature to mount single- or multiple-stacked heads without tools or hardware. Up to four pump heads can be stacked for increased flow

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