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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
PWM IC National Microchip HIP6004ACB Not Provided 20PIN
IC 3840 PWM DIP National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
IC-PWM CONTROLLER;1022 National Microchip TSSOP Not Provided 20P
IC-PWM CONTROLLER;104 National Microchip SOP Not Provided 16P
IC-PWM CONTROLLER;1631 National Microchip SSOP Not Provided 28P
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  • D/A Conversion Using PWM and R-2R Ladders to Generate Sine and DTMF Waveforms
    . PWM_Freq. = (Sine_freq) • (# of steps) • 10. = 60 • 32 • 10. Many embedded applications require the generation of. = 19.2 kHz. analog signals. Although separate D/A converter IC’s. exist on the market today, their extra price makes them. A simple RC low pass filter is the only external compo
  • Protection For Switching Regulators
    , thus increasing the efficiency of the regulator. D1 provides a momentary path for the current through LO, RL and is used only during the switch-over time of Q1 turning off and Q2 turning on generated by the PWM. Even though most synchronous PWM IC's provide control and monitoring signals, they do
  • DC/DC Converters In Power Sequencing Systems
    , as well as, for different input voltage ranges within a family. The follow up design tip may provide some assistance to system engineers. Figure 1 shows the block diagram of a flyback converter with the bias circuitry for the control IC (PWM) and the feedback loop consistent of the error OPAM A1
  • Interfacing Microchip's Fan Speed Controllers to a SPI TM
    , significantly extending fan life. In addition to increased fan life, fan speed is controlled by PWM control circuitry that is more efficient than conventional linear techniques. The ICs provide other features such as fan current limiting, minimum speed control, auto shutdown, and speed, fault
  • What Is So Great About Synchronous Rectification?
    to both Figures 1A & 1B, at t0 the PWM turns Q1 off. The current through Q1 drops to zero and causes the magnetic field in T1 to collapse and the drain to source voltage of Q1 to rise. Due to the parasitic capacitance of Q1 and the reflected gate to source capacitor of Q2 and the externally installed
  • Stepper Motor Control Using the PIC16F684
    in a Capture Compare PWM (ECCP) module is used to controlled manner rather than being turned on and off implement a microstepping technique known as high- abruptly. torque microstepping. The microcontroller's 8 MHz A microstepping technique known as high torque internal oscillator allows the signals generated
  • Temperature Measurement Circuits for Embedded Applications
    will be compared with a frequency output RTD oscillator circuit, along with design examples using serial and analog output silicon Integrated Circuit (IC) sensors. In addition, a Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) circuit will be shown that can increase the effectiveness of the Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) bit
  • Sensorless Field Oriented Control of PMSM Motors using dsPIC30F or dsPIC33F Digital Signal Controllers
    environmental demands. they incorporate peripherals that are ideally suited for motor control, such as: This application note discusses implementation of a sensorless FOC algorithm for Permanent Magnet Syn- * Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) (R) chronous Motors (PMSMs) using the Microchip dsPIC * Analog

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