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...and the characteristics of each were evaluated. Particle size distribution, tap density, and. theoretical density were characterized. Theoretical density was measured using a helium. pycnometer, which measures the density of a powder by calculating the ratio between its. measured mass and the difference between...

...and thus, the. using an AccuPyc 1330 pycnometer. Using this technique,. 144. 89. carbon content identiļ¬ed for the alloys in this study refers. samples were compacted and pre-sintered, then crushed into. 145. 90. to post-sintered carbon content. Typically, prior studies often. small fragments...

: Chemical compositions of prealloyed Co-28Cr-6Mo. Water-. Gas-. powders in comparison to ASTM F-75 specifications. Powder. atomized. atomized. Water-. Gas-. Element F-75. spec. Pycnometer density (g/cm3) 8.2. 8.3. atomized. atomized. Apparent density (g/cm3) 2.6 3.8. Cr 27-30%. 28.1%. 28.1%. Mo 5-7 5.5...

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ASTM B963 - 11 Standard Test Methods for Oil Content, Oil...
performance of PM bearings requires a minimum amount of interconnected porosity and satisfactory oil impregnation of the interconnected porosity.
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Some Investigations for Establishing Suitability of...
Some Investigations for Establishing Suitability of Watson?s Strength-Porosity Model for Concrete Das, B. B. Research Scholar, Department of Civil
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up to 34% of Air-filled porosity can also be measured directly using the initial air-filled porosity (24). a gas pycnometer, whose measurement

Richard 286-302
Gas pycnometers have been extensively used in measuring soil porosity (Kummer and Cooper 1945; Page 1947; Pall and Mohsenin 1980) and have also been

SOFIA - OFR-03-68 - Permeability of Cores
Porosity was determined using a helium pycnometer.

Porosity pore types were classified using the scheme of Lucia (1995). All thin sections were examined with a light microscope using cross-polarized

Calcium and aluminium-based fillers as flame-retardant...
Several methods of analysis (among them ESEM, EDX, XRD, Hg pycnometer, and compression tests) have been carried out in order to investigate the

Fabrication of electrically conductive
Cubes of 15 mm side were produced for porosity measurements.

IODP-USIO: Expeditions: Daily & Weekly Reports: Sea Trials...
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use mass and volume measurements of sediment and rock samples to provide an estimate of porosity and average density of the minerals in the sample.

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