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Parts by Number for Quadrature Phase Detector Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
rfRXD0920 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided range. Selectable IF bandwidth via external ceramic IF filter. FSK/FM quadrature (phase coincidence) detector demodulator...

Conduct Research Top

  • Pixelated Phase-Mask Dynamic Interferometer
    . Other combinations are possible; however, four phase steps provide optimal sampling. The. example shows the phase-steps are in quadrature. For best resolution, a one-to-one correspondence is preferably. used between the phase-mask and the detector pixels. The overall system concept is shown
  • Dynamic Phase-Shifting Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometer
    -shifts. (ABCD) and is patterned so that every pixel is in quadrature with its neighbors. The phase difference between the. test and reference arms is obtained using an N-bucket algorithm or spatial convolution. Figure 1: Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometer with Pixelated Spatial Phase-Shifting. R
  • Budgeting Harmonics for ZigBee Front End Modules
    simulation harmonics content of offset quadrature phase-shift keying (OQPSK) spread spectrum. modulation and evaluates the effects of the measurement bandwidth and detector on the harmonics level of both sine and. ZigBee waveforms. Microsoft Word - MWJ May Article Final.docx Budgeting Harmonics
  • An Advanced Steering Wheel Sensor
    by the photodiodes, which produce A and B sine waves. The sine waves are fed first to amplifiers and then into onchip comparators. The resulting square waves have onchip resistors providing output signals with symmetry and quadrature. The encoder thus has two-channel quadrature outputs plus
  • Automotive FM Diversity Systems, Part II: Analog Systems (.pdf)
    to. printed on glass antennas. the FM receiver. It was determined by [3] that the. placement must be in quadrature to the L-R baseband. modulation, via a PLL to the pilot tone. Fig. 5 shows the. - 2 -. dither tone of 38kHz placement in the FM baseband. the AM modulation index, A is the AM modulation. r
  • Virtual Absolute™ Technology
    in quadrature, or 90┬░ out of phase with each other. Most commonly, the user's circuitry "looks at " the relative phase to determine the direction of travel, and counts the four states, or edges, in each cycle. This provides a resolution equal to four times the line count on the disc. (Techniques exist